Tuesday, December 15, 2009

REC ne bana di Jodi - Part 4 !!

Now its time for me to end the story.. Thinking shall I give it a happy ending or SAD.
Let me tell you the truth.
Well well, they got married!!!

Without masala, doesn’t look good right. So here it goes.
The boy met Girl's mother first, with his charming ways he got to her heart.
Girl's father also liked the boy, really held very good opinion of the boy. Then where was the issue?

Ideally this marriage should be a cakewalk, but it wasn't as the girl was from a Brahmin family and boy was a Marwari .So there lies the biggest problem, which still exists in our society. Intercaste marriage.
Girl's father would have agreed to the alliance without second thoughts (he liked the boy so much) had the boy been Brahmin.

But girl's mother was the catalyst who instigated the whole convincing operations. She first convinced her side of family (which was not a problem) Secondly she started hinting about the boy to the father's side of family. Girl's uncle agreed and then when his side of family seemed to have no issues, girl's father agreed to the alliance.
Similarly on boy's side his mother took the task of making everyone agree.

Finally with the help of greatest force on this earth -- Mother's strength and persistence, the match was fixed .

And after 6-7 years of toiling and hardship (along with lovely courtship period) the girl and boy were married on 24th Nov 2007.

It was a match made in heaven, materialized on earth!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

REC ne bana di Jodi - Part 3 !!

This on-off relationship of "being friends" , being "more than just friends". continued for two long years.

Now it was the final year of college. everyone immersed themselves in plans for the future, in preparation for job interviews.

It was the year 2003 and market was not very good .Couple of companies came. The Boy got through CTS and as luck would have it (call it bad luck or good luck whatever) the girl was not able to get through campus selection.

It was time to say good bye .

When the days of college were nearing to an end.. it seemed like a phase in life was about to end.It was difficult to imagine life without friends or the familiar surroundings of the college. Everyone was going through an emotional turmoil. It was not that people were not excited to join the league of professionals, to finally enter in a world of independence .Everyone was ready to take the new plunge in life to start a new life , including the boy and girl.

They were also getting ready to face the world ..Together .Yes finally the truth dwelled on them that they are meant to be. They finally thought it was time to stop playing games of "is it love" or "is it not ".

Once they accepted their fate , that their lives were sealed together forever and ever. It was time to cross the hurdles one at a time.

The girl decided to move to IT capital of India to try her luck .She needed a job desparately . It was not that the boy was the only person in her life apart from that she had responsibilites and dreams for her family which were her first priority. So after convincing her father and with couple of hostel friends she moved to Bangalore.

She was in for a surprise. The boy was there in Bangalore. She did not expect him to be there as his joining was in Calcutta. But she learned he has decided not to take that offer and search a job in Bangalore. The girl was furious. This was a stupid thing to do , to leave a job with a multinational company and come to search for a job when the odds were against you.
Even it was highly irresponsible act , The boy was adamant on doing this. He wanted to help the girl in her quest for a job.

Even though the girl showed that she was furious , but deep down she was happy for the concern and care . It was nice to know that she had support in a unknown city.

So they started searching for jobs from Aug 14th 2003. They were a bunch of friends from REC. The girl came to Bangalore with 6000 rupees and a determination that she will not ask her father for more money, she has to get the job before the money runs out.

Their hard work paid of. S got the job on 14th sept 2003 , on the eve of her mother's birthday . It was a very sweet birthday present for her mom!!!

She got through Satyam and joining was in Hyderabad. The joining was on 29th Sept 2003 . Guess this date 29th Sept was becoming more and more important in her life.

On 27th Sept , packed with excitement, dreams , aspirations ,hope and loads of confidence this girl boarded the bus to Hyderabad.
She was full of confidence , till she reached Hyderabad, But as the joining date approached the girl was becoming more and more anxious and strained. By 29th Sep she was nothing but a bundle of nerves.
Armed with blessings of her parents and good wishes of her sibling , she finally joined Satyam!
Once the joining was over , the girl took a long breath and thanked her stars . It was a feeling of pure ecstasy to be on your first job ever!

While the girl was settling in Hyderabad, the boy was able to crack Sympony and landed on a better job than what he got in College . Feel that ultimately whatever happens happens for the good.

The girl wanted to go to Bangalore as they both were missing each other. She was on a training in Hyderabad , at the end of training the posting location was to be decided, as silly as it sounds for deciding on final posting , there was chit system in Satyam.

In Dec finally the trainings were over and it was time to face the real IT world. The girl picked up her chit praying silently for Bangalore. When she opened it , she was not able to control her tears
she cried in front of all her colleagues. No no the tears were not of happiness , it was pain and helplessness .The posting location she got was Chennai :(

She tried to get it changed , but it didn't work out Reluctantly she packed her bags and was ready to face one more unknown city - Chennai.
The girl immersed herself in work. It was the only reasonable thing to do. She worked hard on her first project , for 6-7 months . Finally her hard work earned her good will of her manager and she aggreed for her transfer to Bangalore.

Finally in June 2004 She moved to Bangalore. It was a magical to be back .(for obvious reasons!!)

But this was only very tiny problem as compared to the issue which lied ahead of them, making both the families agree for the alliance
which was a milestone which seemed impossible to be reached :(

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bas yun hi...

Was feeling bored, depressed, down, home sick.. and all sort of negative feelings were churning inside me...

Not able to concentrate on work or the beautiful windy weather i can see outside my office window.

Right now life seems all dull and dark. No idea why am i sounding such a pessimist .. May be its to do with the fact that i am missing my Mom a lot.. i cannot suffice in words how much am i missing her... if i had one wish which will be granted .. I would ask health and happiness for my mom without a second thought...

I sometimes feel God or the Power which we bow to.. is not at all fair. They all say whatever happens is part of your destiny. But who writes our Destiny ??

If it is God .. Why is there not equal distribution of sorrow and happiness across humanity??

Why is it that some people are more sick .. Some are more poor then rest..

Why do we have such disparity .. If God is the one writing our destiny ..
Some people say whatever sufferings you are getting is due to wrongdoings of any past incarnation. Do you believe it ? I don't . and moreover who is the one who decides what is right and wrong. If someone has done any wrong also in their past but have realized the mistake and are sorry for it . Is it not right to forgive them.
Now if God decides to punish . Is God not being wrong here ?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

REC ne Bana Di Jodi ..Part 2

The girl was tough not to be deterred by such emotional/sentimental talks, she told him calmly was just a casual comment not, necessarily meaning anything. She asked him to refile his nomination and stop this trivial matter from becoming the reason for any riots in REC :)
Everything became alright, at least it seemed alright .

Days started passing by normally , this boy stopped teasing her in class and all was well again, back to its normal self.
Some days later the boy was seen at the gate of Girl's hostel, asking the gate keeper to call the girl. She was not liking the idea of meeting him again.
But afraid to say no on the face and invite anymore scandals in her life, she went.
They went to co-operative, sat there spoke. And then they spoke about families, aspirations, dreams etc. He said one thing which touched her heart, very simple thing yet it made a mark. It was that he believes man should be helping around the house and not treat the household chores as women territory. its very simple thing but it was said with sincerity and it made an impact.
They started meeting once in a while and became friends.

This meeting business was put on hold as there were exams and finally vacation came:) everyone was so excited to go home.
It was a nice break and bags full of home made goodies they were back at the college.

Classes started and these two new friends started hanging out together. Life was going on fine . But like any other college there was groupism in this college too.
This girl belonged to a different group (UP and Arunachal )and guy was from different group (Rajasthan) . Some seniors from this girl's group called the boy and hit him. He was a junior and was not authorized to do anything , but it became an issue of tension between two groups..( Not sure how was it sorted) . But these friends kept meeting

It was time for pooja holidays! There was durga puja holiday in college. Again bags were packed and tickets made for trip to sweet home.
Day was 28th September 2001, (it would be better if i say it was night of 28th September).
Girl was called out from his room by their gate keeper saying she had a visitor. It was around 8 pm. In the girl's hostel , they were not allowed to go out after 6 pm in the evening , if any visitor came , there was one hole in the gate , you have to use that for talking. How funny it sounds now!
Anyways she saw this boy was standing at the gate with some gift in hand. He gave her the gift and cards and said this was supposed to be her birthday gift for her upcoming birthday .
After saying No for some 3-4 times, this girl accepted the gift and came in.
There was a card in there it was something like this :

What is in your heart for me..
Is it care.
Is it concern
Is it Love?

she read the card and went to sleep.

Day was 29th September 2001 , It was the day which was going to change the lives of two people forever.Everyone was leaving for their homes for durga pooja vacation, Before leaving for home this group of friends ( including this girl and guy ) decided to visit a temple.
they were walking up the stairs of the temple. Suddenly this guy says 'I love you '. The girl was shocked.. she was not expecting anything like this.. they were friends.
They were in the temple.. girl smiled didnt say anything ... guy was insistent on getting an answer a yes or a no ... smile was not enough for him...

Finally the girl said Yes... oh yes !!!
They went home.. girl got lot of time to introspect what decision she has taken and suddenly it seemed to her like it was wrong thing to do..She decided to end the relationship (even though it hardly began). Vacations over, they came back to college.. This girl started avoiding the guy. Finally he asked her what is the issue , she told (very innocently) she thinks she has taken a wrong decision and can we go back to being only friends again. She was hardly expecting the guy to agree.. But he agreed.

So they were "only friends" again .

...To Be continued

Sunday, August 23, 2009

REC ne Bana Di Jodi

I can even say Silchar mein ban gayi jodi !! ..

Let me share a typical love story with you guys!! I am saying typical as it has all the ingredients of a successful (super duper hit of 90's) movie. It has comedy , drama ,fights , love , sacrifice ... suspense ( i am exaggerating !)

There was a girl standing in the Auditorium of REC (now NIT Silchar) waiting with her father , waiting for her turn and praying to God that she gets some good college, Silchar never figuring in her list.

Her turn came ..and as luck would have it she had two choices Electronics in Silchar or electrical in any other college (Like jalandhar , warangal etc) Hmm she had to take a decision ..As desitiny would have planned she preferred stream over place and with a heavy heart settled for Silchar.

Day of joining came .. Stuffed with her luggage and in the company of her father .. she arrived at the college.. First time away from family , and being as emotional as she was .. she was in tears , with a sullen face and swollen eyes..

After all joining formalities were over , she made an entry towrds her hostel, which was going to be her adobe for four long long years.It looked like a very long as well as tough period. She entered her room ,there were two girls in the room , one was in a churidar and other was in casuals . As soon as she entered she was asked a question , who you think is the senior here? This girl made a guess one in churidar seems to be senior ( dono what was basis of her decision) , but she said it aloud.. she had no idea that salwar kameez was going to be her fate as well from that day for atleast a month!! So after good spanking from the senior ( the one in casual ) her life in college started.

Life in college began .. it was a tough time away from family , new life , no friends.. and on top of that fear of ragging..But life keeps moving as does time.

First semester passed ...not very eventful.

second semester started... first day .. a new boy entered her class... supposedly had topped his stream(Mechanical) and have got the choice of stream changed to electronics.
And suddenly there was chaos in the class... i mean commenting on everyone mostly on her. Sitting on the bench behind her he would comment on the teacher.. on cricket on

everything.. He seemed to be the most irritating person on earth!
And luckily feeling of irritation was not one sided it was mutual!

This bitter sour relation of mutual hate would have continues till end of college... had destiny not planned something better for them.
the breakthrough came in the form of college election and this guy was nominated for the post of secretary of some department. She came to know about this and she commented saying he does not deserve to be selected.. and she thought herself bold (or may be foolish ) enough to say this in front of his friends !!
Gossip mills were working full time .. as this news spread like fire. Poor girl , who was maintaining a low profile... hardly anyone knew her suddenly was talk of the college... she instantly became famous .. or rather i should say infamous..
This guy i believe to gain sympathy or maybe in anger (or just to make her life more pathetic) reason whatsoever...decided to step down from the nomination.. Now this was her turn to be nervous.. she had visitors..lots of them , people asking her the reason for this act( i guess in REC at that time freedom of expression was not exercised)

She decided she has to act... she called for a meeting with this so called adamant , irritating person. They were meeting in co -operative .. cursing herself for being so vocal,

determined to make things right she went to meet him..

They met .. She asked him why has he stepped down.. as it was only her opinion and not necessarily declaration of result. It was the time for the cupid to strike... he said something which touched her heart.. he said he wanted a post unanimously and even if one person ( read specially if she) feels he does not deserve the position , he will not take it.

*** Love is in the air *** can't you feel it !!
.... intermission story will be continued!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Real are the reality shows!!

Good question right !! Open for discussion!

After a successful era of saas- bahu sagas..(which lasted more than a decade!!) Now its the age of reality shows... Reality shows on dancing , singing , laughter , on celebrity life.. i am just waiting for a reality show exclusively devoted to eating !!(exciting right to watch how people eat , what they eat etc etc). Non we even have a show on life in jungle... gosh!! I feel Saas bahu was much better.. i am not joking.. really

These reality shows in the name of reality ...show all sort of nonsense.. i sometimes wonder have people really stooped to such low level or its just a publicity stunt. I hope it is later..

My First Blog!!!

I can't believe it ...really can't believe it..After months of churning my brain machine, getting cajoled by my sister finally i am in to the world of Blogging..

Its not entirely new arena to me .. i have been avid reader of my sister's blog and food blogs..

But writing a blog will be first time experience...

Expecting lotsssssssss and lotssssss of support and advice ..