Friday, August 21, 2009

How Real are the reality shows!!

Good question right !! Open for discussion!

After a successful era of saas- bahu sagas..(which lasted more than a decade!!) Now its the age of reality shows... Reality shows on dancing , singing , laughter , on celebrity life.. i am just waiting for a reality show exclusively devoted to eating !!(exciting right to watch how people eat , what they eat etc etc). Non we even have a show on life in jungle... gosh!! I feel Saas bahu was much better.. i am not joking.. really

These reality shows in the name of reality all sort of nonsense.. i sometimes wonder have people really stooped to such low level or its just a publicity stunt. I hope it is later..


My Niche.... said...

Hmm...reality show for eating...thats really innovative!! Even I am waiting for one to start:)

Doctor:-) said...

Aapko dekh ke lagta nahi ki aap khane ke itne shaukeen ho :D