Sunday, August 23, 2009

REC ne Bana Di Jodi

I can even say Silchar mein ban gayi jodi !! ..

Let me share a typical love story with you guys!! I am saying typical as it has all the ingredients of a successful (super duper hit of 90's) movie. It has comedy , drama ,fights , love , sacrifice ... suspense ( i am exaggerating !)

There was a girl standing in the Auditorium of REC (now NIT Silchar) waiting with her father , waiting for her turn and praying to God that she gets some good college, Silchar never figuring in her list.

Her turn came ..and as luck would have it she had two choices Electronics in Silchar or electrical in any other college (Like jalandhar , warangal etc) Hmm she had to take a decision ..As desitiny would have planned she preferred stream over place and with a heavy heart settled for Silchar.

Day of joining came .. Stuffed with her luggage and in the company of her father .. she arrived at the college.. First time away from family , and being as emotional as she was .. she was in tears , with a sullen face and swollen eyes..

After all joining formalities were over , she made an entry towrds her hostel, which was going to be her adobe for four long long years.It looked like a very long as well as tough period. She entered her room ,there were two girls in the room , one was in a churidar and other was in casuals . As soon as she entered she was asked a question , who you think is the senior here? This girl made a guess one in churidar seems to be senior ( dono what was basis of her decision) , but she said it aloud.. she had no idea that salwar kameez was going to be her fate as well from that day for atleast a month!! So after good spanking from the senior ( the one in casual ) her life in college started.

Life in college began .. it was a tough time away from family , new life , no friends.. and on top of that fear of ragging..But life keeps moving as does time.

First semester passed ...not very eventful.

second semester started... first day .. a new boy entered her class... supposedly had topped his stream(Mechanical) and have got the choice of stream changed to electronics.
And suddenly there was chaos in the class... i mean commenting on everyone mostly on her. Sitting on the bench behind her he would comment on the teacher.. on cricket on

everything.. He seemed to be the most irritating person on earth!
And luckily feeling of irritation was not one sided it was mutual!

This bitter sour relation of mutual hate would have continues till end of college... had destiny not planned something better for them.
the breakthrough came in the form of college election and this guy was nominated for the post of secretary of some department. She came to know about this and she commented saying he does not deserve to be selected.. and she thought herself bold (or may be foolish ) enough to say this in front of his friends !!
Gossip mills were working full time .. as this news spread like fire. Poor girl , who was maintaining a low profile... hardly anyone knew her suddenly was talk of the college... she instantly became famous .. or rather i should say infamous..
This guy i believe to gain sympathy or maybe in anger (or just to make her life more pathetic) reason whatsoever...decided to step down from the nomination.. Now this was her turn to be nervous.. she had visitors..lots of them , people asking her the reason for this act( i guess in REC at that time freedom of expression was not exercised)

She decided she has to act... she called for a meeting with this so called adamant , irritating person. They were meeting in co -operative .. cursing herself for being so vocal,

determined to make things right she went to meet him..

They met .. She asked him why has he stepped down.. as it was only her opinion and not necessarily declaration of result. It was the time for the cupid to strike... he said something which touched her heart.. he said he wanted a post unanimously and even if one person ( read specially if she) feels he does not deserve the position , he will not take it.

*** Love is in the air *** can't you feel it !!
.... intermission story will be continued!!!


Nilesh said...

hey ... meri bhi kahani kuch aisi hi hain ... ;)

Nilesh said...

excellent narration!!!

My Niche.... said...

too good dear...excellent...nice story cum reality by the way

Doctor:-) said...

Waaaaaaah :)
Mazaa aa gaya....Aage ke jaldi likho....mere se ruka nahi ja raha :)

sangeeta said...

hey i am reading the story...