Tuesday, October 20, 2009

REC ne bana di Jodi - Part 3 !!

This on-off relationship of "being friends" , being "more than just friends". continued for two long years.

Now it was the final year of college. everyone immersed themselves in plans for the future, in preparation for job interviews.

It was the year 2003 and market was not very good .Couple of companies came. The Boy got through CTS and as luck would have it (call it bad luck or good luck whatever) the girl was not able to get through campus selection.

It was time to say good bye .

When the days of college were nearing to an end.. it seemed like a phase in life was about to end.It was difficult to imagine life without friends or the familiar surroundings of the college. Everyone was going through an emotional turmoil. It was not that people were not excited to join the league of professionals, to finally enter in a world of independence .Everyone was ready to take the new plunge in life to start a new life , including the boy and girl.

They were also getting ready to face the world ..Together .Yes finally the truth dwelled on them that they are meant to be. They finally thought it was time to stop playing games of "is it love" or "is it not ".

Once they accepted their fate , that their lives were sealed together forever and ever. It was time to cross the hurdles one at a time.

The girl decided to move to IT capital of India to try her luck .She needed a job desparately . It was not that the boy was the only person in her life apart from that she had responsibilites and dreams for her family which were her first priority. So after convincing her father and with couple of hostel friends she moved to Bangalore.

She was in for a surprise. The boy was there in Bangalore. She did not expect him to be there as his joining was in Calcutta. But she learned he has decided not to take that offer and search a job in Bangalore. The girl was furious. This was a stupid thing to do , to leave a job with a multinational company and come to search for a job when the odds were against you.
Even it was highly irresponsible act , The boy was adamant on doing this. He wanted to help the girl in her quest for a job.

Even though the girl showed that she was furious , but deep down she was happy for the concern and care . It was nice to know that she had support in a unknown city.

So they started searching for jobs from Aug 14th 2003. They were a bunch of friends from REC. The girl came to Bangalore with 6000 rupees and a determination that she will not ask her father for more money, she has to get the job before the money runs out.

Their hard work paid of. S got the job on 14th sept 2003 , on the eve of her mother's birthday . It was a very sweet birthday present for her mom!!!

She got through Satyam and joining was in Hyderabad. The joining was on 29th Sept 2003 . Guess this date 29th Sept was becoming more and more important in her life.

On 27th Sept , packed with excitement, dreams , aspirations ,hope and loads of confidence this girl boarded the bus to Hyderabad.
She was full of confidence , till she reached Hyderabad, But as the joining date approached the girl was becoming more and more anxious and strained. By 29th Sep she was nothing but a bundle of nerves.
Armed with blessings of her parents and good wishes of her sibling , she finally joined Satyam!
Once the joining was over , the girl took a long breath and thanked her stars . It was a feeling of pure ecstasy to be on your first job ever!

While the girl was settling in Hyderabad, the boy was able to crack Sympony and landed on a better job than what he got in College . Feel that ultimately whatever happens happens for the good.

The girl wanted to go to Bangalore as they both were missing each other. She was on a training in Hyderabad , at the end of training the posting location was to be decided, as silly as it sounds for deciding on final posting , there was chit system in Satyam.

In Dec finally the trainings were over and it was time to face the real IT world. The girl picked up her chit praying silently for Bangalore. When she opened it , she was not able to control her tears
she cried in front of all her colleagues. No no the tears were not of happiness , it was pain and helplessness .The posting location she got was Chennai :(

She tried to get it changed , but it didn't work out Reluctantly she packed her bags and was ready to face one more unknown city - Chennai.
The girl immersed herself in work. It was the only reasonable thing to do. She worked hard on her first project , for 6-7 months . Finally her hard work earned her good will of her manager and she aggreed for her transfer to Bangalore.

Finally in June 2004 She moved to Bangalore. It was a magical to be back .(for obvious reasons!!)

But this was only very tiny problem as compared to the issue which lied ahead of them, making both the families agree for the alliance
which was a milestone which seemed impossible to be reached :(


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that was very nice.... Please do write more ....

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next installment kab hain !!

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This is really so chweet.........I am eagerly waiting for the next one......do write soon

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hmm...families....the other common thread!!