Tuesday, December 15, 2009

REC ne bana di Jodi - Part 4 !!

Now its time for me to end the story.. Thinking shall I give it a happy ending or SAD.
Let me tell you the truth.
Well well, they got married!!!

Without masala, doesn’t look good right. So here it goes.
The boy met Girl's mother first, with his charming ways he got to her heart.
Girl's father also liked the boy, really held very good opinion of the boy. Then where was the issue?

Ideally this marriage should be a cakewalk, but it wasn't as the girl was from a Brahmin family and boy was a Marwari .So there lies the biggest problem, which still exists in our society. Intercaste marriage.
Girl's father would have agreed to the alliance without second thoughts (he liked the boy so much) had the boy been Brahmin.

But girl's mother was the catalyst who instigated the whole convincing operations. She first convinced her side of family (which was not a problem) Secondly she started hinting about the boy to the father's side of family. Girl's uncle agreed and then when his side of family seemed to have no issues, girl's father agreed to the alliance.
Similarly on boy's side his mother took the task of making everyone agree.

Finally with the help of greatest force on this earth -- Mother's strength and persistence, the match was fixed .

And after 6-7 years of toiling and hardship (along with lovely courtship period) the girl and boy were married on 24th Nov 2007.

It was a match made in heaven, materialized on earth!!


Gauri said...

I loved it and you know the reason for it ;)

Doctor:-) said...

And they lived Happily everafter :)

punyendrq said...

lovely story !!! get it printed !!! :)

My Niche.... said...

so true.. i loved ur story;)

sangeeta said...

yes...saari jodiyan rab hi banata hai !!!
enjoyed reading it !!

sangeeta said...

thank for connecting with me Prachi...it meant a lot to me !!