Monday, December 27, 2010

A typical day in Life of Oreo

A typical day in Life of Oreo :

Oreo gets up by 4-5 am and then goes about waking others by licking /barking .
He loves doing that trying to wake others by licking them and then waiting for their response. He then goes for his routine walk for about 45 min .This walk involves walking , running at times, or smelling and licking things , trying to take in the world by its smell!.
Once he comes back , after a rest time of 15-30 minutes , its time for his breakfast which is milk or milk and bread (which I agree is not the healthiest option for him)
After doing all this hard work , it makes sense for him to take some rest , but as hardworking as our Oreo is , he monitors the house  by roaming here and there, trying to see if there is any litter ?(you know he just loves cleanliness , does not like paper and all lying here and there  :))
He then nods of for a brief amount of time.  if its our breakfast time by then , he will give us company by sitting and begging for food .(Yes yes I know its not a good habit to  be encouraged , but his eyes ... his eyes are so so expressive I am unable to say No , when he asks for a small slice or bread or a piece of chips :(( )

But mind you , he is such a hard working dog so everything else goes in his favor too . All the responsibility of drying clothes, getting the already dried clothes down  from the terrace is taken by him .:)  Anyone going up for drying clothes or getting them down , has a company  :) . We just have to say " Oreo kapde sukane chalna hai ?? and he is all ready!!"
But he also has a condition , which we need to fulfill ,whoever goes to dry clothes has to play a game for 5-10 minutes with him. It can be a game of chase or  tug of war anything  !!!

By the time , he finishes all these house hold chores and additional responsibility of making sure every member in the family gets exercise , its time for his lunch. (which is something he tries to avoid )
Its boiled vegetables and fruits  with a pinch of butter or cerelac mixed, followed by some pedigree. When the food is not of his choice . its not as easy to feed him , we need to engage him in to some activity so that he eats :) yes yes , Just like small kids , I need to feed him with spoon :))

After he finishes his lunch ,he either goes off to sleep , or plays with his chew toys (he has a collection of it which has to be given on a rotation basis ) .
Once its 6 o clock , he religiously goes off and sits near the gate to wait for My brother, who comes during that time. Once he is in the house , Oreo showers him with his love by licking and wagging his  tail (watching him wag his tail so beautifully is the best thing !). In debt with so much of love my brother , does his bit :) i.e takes Oreo out for  a walk for about 20-30 minutes.

After coming from walk , Oreo seems to be charged with so much of energy , its the fun time for him, he involves each of us in his game of Throwing balls etc.If you want to sit back and relax, just give Oreo 3-4 balls and see him trying to hold all of them in his mouth at once!!  He symbolizes a small kid at this time , trying to get hold of all the toys!!

Now its dinner time for Oreo , he gets his favorite food , egg and bread for dinner . Once he finishes off his dinner he lies down on his bed for his massage sessions!. yes if you go near him or touch him , he will lie on his back and ask you to pat him , he loves that.
Now he takes brief rest of 3-4 hours before Nilesh comes from office.

Once he hears him locking his car , he starts crying and looking at us to open then door, if you take some time in doing that , he will reach the door and try to open it :) he will run from one person to other begging them to open the door , wagging his tail all the time!!

Once Nilesh is in and has his dinner , he also taken him out for a run(for about 10-15 minutes). After the run devoid of all the energy and tired , he goes off to sleep peacefully until 4-5 am  !

It was a long tiring day at work for him  after all :)) Keeping happy a family of 5  members is not an easy task after all :)

He is the best stress reliever anyone can have!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A true story - truely Inspiring

 In this 21st century , is it possible to start from scratch without zero investment and reach great heights unheard of ..within a short span? Very rare I must say..

I feel privileged ,to present to you one such incident :

A young boy of 17-18, studying in 12th was nurturing a childhood dream of becoming a Engineer . He was now just one milestone away from it. He was intelligent , hardworking, vivacious and full of energy and zeal to learn. There was nothing which could have stopped him from cracking the Engineering Entrance Exam.   He fared well in the exam , he could have applied for any college and easily got a seat .
But when time for admissions came , he surprised everyone , even his family members by taking a seat in commerce college in his hometown and immersed himself in studies. he was as cheerful as ever ,raring to take life head on.
He also started studying the market conditions and making plans for doing some business.
Everyone in the family was shocked with his decision given the fact that he was so very much interested in doing some technical course . But this boy with his always smiling face put others mind at rest . It was not that he suddenly got a dream to join commerce . In his heart  he still had yearning for engineering  , but it never showed on his face . Reason why he did not opt for 4 years of college life and instead choose to study from him hometown , was he over heard his father's concerns due to some serious financial issues running in the family at that time.
 on getting to know  the issues, he did not even think twice before sacrificing his dreams.

He was still on look out for some opportunity to start something so that he can give some financial support . But its difficult/almost impossible to start with little or no investment .
But as they say 'Where there is a will , there is a way' , when he was in final year of his college , his uncle came home with a box of tissue papers and said "One of my relative from Bangalore has sent this for analyzing the business prospects of consumption of these in Assam , as I am busy with my other business I cannot take this venture , So if you are interested you can explore this opportunity  "
This boy did not let go off this offer, he took the box and told his uncle that he will do the business analysis and explore the market and find out the usability of this in Assam.

As the boy did not have a family background in this field nor any existing good will in the market , it was a tough road for him to cover .
Without even losing a moment , he get on with the work , he first started  by packaging the tissue papers in to smaller trial packages . he all this himself with help from his mother.Once the packets were ready , he went from one restaurants to shops  and giving them samples and convincing them to order more.
It was not an easy thing , traveling in buses or by foot he covered almost all the hotels / restaurants/ shops / club houses  in and around Guwahati. He was hoping for some big order that should get the business rolling . initially he was getting orders for say 500 packets per month , which was hardly covering the expenses.

But these hardships could not come in way for his young lad, with his hard-work , persistence and proper market research helped him in striving ahead.
Whatever money he made by selling the tissue papers, he ordered more from Bangalore , then packaged them at home , all by himself and distributed them , He took the orders to Shillong and nearby regions on scooter. his prompt delivery and care for quality helped him getting more orders.
It was not long before he started investing in other products like Banana chips and other delicacies from South India and delivered them in Assam.
He started getting orders from Big Super markets for these items as they soon become the hot property in Assam. When he had profits , he started investing the money in different well researched and analyzed ventures.

With his punctuality , hard work and quality products he is now reaching new heights . He started from almost zero investment and now has turnover of millions!.

Its not before , he will be touching the skies.!!

Isn't this a truly motivating story of sacrifice, hard work and success!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Do you do in a Train

What do people do in a train ?.. obviously travel!

I mean how do you spend time in a train.. and I am not talking of 4-5 hours journey . I am talking of spending 2 days 3 nights in a train (Bangalore -Guwahati ).. it is almost like a weekend getaway .
As soon as you get in .. say we spend a few hours in setting the luggage and getting to know fellow passenger.
If travel God  is smiling at you , your fellow passengers have same wavelength as you and so you hit off instantly .. then no tension journey will be a smooth ride with Playing Cards , talks on politics , economic backwardness of our country and how to counter terrorism.. keeping you occupied.

Along with this there will be rounds of anthakshri . Getting down and having tea at each and every station where train stops , sitting on the door  ..all this makes your journey really enjoyable .

But if you are not so lucky then you have option of reading .. this is also a great time pass.. (My highest speed in reading is when I am in the train :))
But if You cannot read in a train .then God help you :) You have only option left of sleeping.. but how much can a person sleep at max 15 hours in a day..

So you still have some time (Actually lots of time ) to kill..

If you are a keen observer, lots of interesting happenings in and around your coach can keep you busy..

You can see kids running around .. climbing and getting down stairs .. asking their parents for things from each and every hawker who comes in their cube ..fighting for window seat (I used to do this when I was a kid...:)) .. People discussing each and everything under the sun .. it can be quite entertaining to listen to all that...

I like to observe food as well!! How do people from different economic/ regional backgrounds do the packaging of the food they bring.. :)

If you still have some time left then do what I do when I get bored... Eat.. :) I eat a lot in the train and even now I have to taste each and every thing the hawker brings :)

Eating Habits of Current/Future Generation

Diet Bars!! ... Oh yes this is diet of future :)
Can these diet bars really substitute a  healthy,balanced meal ?
 The young generation especially college kids /professional , who have long hours of work and are staying either alone or in hostels      .. survive on these diet bars.
Nothing wrong in having it once in a while .. in between meals , or as snacks. but making it your bread and butter ?? Is it right thing to do..
Will this  habit not affect health in the long run . I would not deny that when you have lot of work pressure and are putting more than 10 hours , first thing which you skip is meals. Even I do the same
if I have lots of work at office , I do tend to skip lunch and substitute it for Biscuits and tea from pantry
 I keep doing this , although I know this is not healthy and I should not be skipping meals :) But as the saying goes
"Where there is a will , there is a way "

..I guess my will to eat healthy is not strong enough

Yeah really it is not difficult to have healthy alternatives even when you are very busy. take my case only , I can substitute these biscuits for fruits (like orange /guava/apple ) which I can easily carry in my hand bag.. along with a handful of dry fruits (either keep it in a small container in your cubicle/ or carry in your purse/laptop bag etc . It is not that difficult if put in to habit.

Lunch I see mostly as the most skipped meal of the day ..

But I know some people who even take nutri-bars for breakfast . This is highly unpardonable act :) because being at home during that time.. I do not think we can have lack of options. One fruit / Two slices of bread /One cup milk.. ( this is achievable even in a PG/hostel) .. and it 100 times better than former. if this takes time then.. Fruit Muesli (yes there are options of Fruit and Nut Muesli /Plain Muesli) with Milk .This wont even take 5 minutes to get ready and is having goodness of fibers and fruits and nuts .

Actually its just a matter of putting this in practice. I have said so much.. but even I am yet to put some of these to real implementation myself...

Will keep all posted on how it goes!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hum to bhai aise hain ..aise rahenge

Don't do this . This is not correct .
This is not allowed by the society , It wont look good.

I am sure each one of us would have experienced these at least once in our lives . Suppose we are confronted by our parents , in-laws , elders for something they feel is not as per their tradition /times, What do you do?
 It might be a simple thing like , not wearing jeans or a big decision like working or not working.

When you know you are also not wrong and at times even they are correct as per their upbringing , what should be done.

Should we blindly do what they say , or we should convince them of what we want .

Difficult  to say outright no as its all in the family , so we are just left with one choice either convince them or agree to them or do what you feel like doing  (do not care kind of attitude ) or pretend that you agree to them in their presence!!

Which way do you choose and vouch for ???

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grey Cells at work .. full time!

Final Out Come --- Not So Bad Right :)) I like .. I like

Last Saturday(17th July) , luckily for a change I did not have any work to be done (my to do list was all checked!!)
Thought of watching TV but wasn't interested in watching the repeat telecast of serials or even movies ...
I saw one shoe box lying in the shoe rack. I am not a very creative person , but boredom forced me to do something ...:)
Catalyst !
I thought of converting the box in to something which can be used for decorating as well as for keeping some stuff..

we had some old wedding cards lying in the house from my sisters wedding and i thought of putting them to use.
Raw Material -- For the greatest Invention ever!!!
Without bragging much about how I did that, what effort it took  etc...(read actually I am myself not sure what I did first and what Last :) ) , let me just post the pic of final products ..
Half Done!!


Now I have kept the box in the lower self  in mom's bedroom and is being used for keeping Blood pressure machine/ and some medicines.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ek Se Badkar Ek ...

Mitrya Jyothi --Giving Sight to the Blind

This Saturday , we had the privilege to attend one charity musical concert. It was organized by Mitra Jyothi ,a registered charitable trust formed in 1990 with the objective of integrating persons with disability into mainstream society. They believe that all persons with disability have the potential to become independent and self sufficient and given the right opportunities can achieve their goals and play a useful role in the community.

The concert , known as EK se badakar Ek !!  was a tribute to the legends. It was based on old Hindi melodies of Lata Mangeshkar , Hemant Kumar , Rafi Sahab and Asha ..

Held at Ambedkar hall on Miller's road..the show started promptly at 6.30 pm (Yes bang on Time!!) One brownie point earned!

The show started with the Lamp lighting ceremony and speech by Madhu Singhal ji (Nation Award Winner of 2008,2009 ), founder of Mitrya Jyothi.She is truly one of the most positive people I have come across, in a short speech , she captivated and motivated the audience to come forward for the help of needy.
From the start till the end , it was a magical show, the singers led by Babloo Mukherji  kept us entertained , it was 2 hours show , and we did not even check the watch for time!!.
It was when Mr Babloo said this is last song of the evening , did we realize that its 9.30 :).
It felt like Sunitha , Satish , Smriti and Nichiket  have cast a magical spell !

I personally loved the performances of Satish, he is a charmer.. with around 150 shows to his credit ,he was a professional with songs like  :Aisa Mauka phir kaha milega  and aye manchali kahan chali .. he kept the audience captivated ..
Mesmerizing would be the word to describe the voice of Smriti ..she took us back to the golden era of the Lata ji.

In between there was a performance by two bothers, bundle of talent but ,handicapped by sight. They were such motivators for me.. classically trained ..the elder bother was reading through braille and singing it was heart toughing sight , the way he was overcoming his handicap was a sure motivator for me.
Younger bro was not feeling very well, but it did not deter him from singing beautifully.. it was just great!!!...


Their great singing was stamped by the standing ovation by the cheering crowd.

The event ended with the song :Hai Apna dil to awara .. na jane kispe aayega 
I felt the evening was too short , it should have gone on and on....

Great Evening , Well spent With Mitrya Jyothi!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Monsoon


Sitting in my cubicle, sipping coffee.. was looking out of the window (Yes I am lucky one to have a cubicle facing window!!) . I keep looking out to see the freshness of the green trees to give rest to my strained eyes..
As it was Friday , was in a rush to finish off the last minute mails and leave office to start off the weekend as soon as possible.. Its difficult for me to sit in office after 6 on normal week days and after 4 on Fridays!!!

Oh I am drifting from the point I wanted to put across , the scene outside was breathtaking. I was mesmerized. Trees swaying from side to side , looked like a jubilant elephant welcoming the Rain God -Indra. Sky was bluish Grey with silver line running in between . Rabbits , flowers, smiley  all  seemed to have taken the form of black and white clouds.

It looked like , the Gods up in heaven were trying to experience the life on earth, or may be the creatures of heaven came down to have a look at us.
It started with slight drizzling ..Tiny ,little drops gracefully falling down..But hardly only a few minutes would have passed ..this calmness of drizzle was replaced by the thunderous rain. Loud sound of heavy water pouring on the walls started coming. It was at this point I was not able to resist myself..

I packed my laptop (yes laptop!) and dashed out of office. As soon as I came out of my office building I was greeted by this warm , earthy smell , the smell of fresh mud !

Laptop bag on my back and I just entered in to this territory . Within 1 min I was drenched , but it was an awesome feeling getting wet in the rain. I started walking taking in everything the smell of earth , the heavy rain trying to wear me down.. It was kind of  self motivating --fighting rain was like fighting all odds in the life and moving towards your goal. It was a therapeutic experience for me!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get a Life!!

This was a speech made by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anna Quindlen at the graduation ceremony of an American university where she was awarded an Honorary PhD.

'I'm a novelist. My work is human nature. Real life is all I know. Don't ever confuse the two, your life and your work. You will walk out of here this afternoon with only one thing that no one else has. There will be hundreds of people out there with your same degree: there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you will be the only person alive who has sole custody of your life. Your particular life. Your entire life. Not just your life at a desk, or your life on a bus, or in a car, or at the computer. Not just the life of your mind, but the life of your heart. Not just your bank accounts but also your soul.

People don't talk about the soul very much anymore. It's so much easier to write a resume than to craft a spirit. But a resume is cold comfort on a winter's night, or when you're sad, or broke, or lonely, or when you've received your test results and they're not so good.Here is my resume: I am a good mother to three children. I have tried never to let my work stand in the way of being a good parent. I no longer consider myself the centre of the universe. I show up. I listen. I try to laugh. I am a good friend to my husband. I have tried to make marriage vows mean what they say. I am a good friend to my friends and they to me. Without them, there would be nothing to say to you today, because I would be a cardboard cut out. But I call them on the phone, and I meet them for lunch.

I would be rotten, at best mediocre at my job if those other things were not true.You cannot be really first rate at your work if your work is all you are. So here's what I wanted to tell you today: Get a life. A real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger pay cheque, the larger house. Do you think you'd care so very much about those things if you blew an aneurysm this afternoon, or found a lump in your breast?

Get a life in which you notice the smell of salt water pushing itself on a breeze at the seaside, a life in which you stop and watch how a red-tailed hawk circles over the water, or the way a baby scowls with concentration when she tries to pick up a sweet with her thumb and first finger. Get a life in which you are not alone. Find people you love, and who love you. And remember that love is not leisure, it is work. Pick up the phone. Send an email. Write a letter. Get a life in which you are generous. And realize that life is the best thing ever, and that you have no business taking it for granted. Care so deeply about its goodness that you want to spread it around. Take money you would have spent on beer and give it to charity. Work in a soup kitchen. Be a big brother or sister.

All of you want to do well. But if you do not do good too, then doing well will never be enough. It is so easy to waste our lives, our days, our hours, and our minutes. It is so easy to take for granted the colour of our kids' eyes, the way the melody in a symphony rises and falls and disappears and rises again.It is so easy to exist instead of to live.

I learned to live many years ago. I learned to love the journey, not the destination. I learned that it is not a dress rehearsal, and that today is the only guarantee you get. I learned to look at all the good in the world and try to give some of it back because I believed in it, completely and utterly. And I tried to do that, in part, by telling others what I had learned. By telling them this: Consider the lilies of the field. Look at the fuzz on a baby's ear. Read in the back yard with the sun on your face. Learn to be happy. And think of life as a terminal illness, because if you do, you will live it with joy and passion as it ought to be lived'.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kindness - A Lost Virtue

 1959 6th Class , All Girls School ,Agra
 Scenario  1:
 There was lots going inside the class, all girls were either busy filling forms or in line for deposition of examination fees.
It was second last day for the deposition of examination fees, which was 100 rs at that time.Amongst all this commotion and noise , the teary eye girl sitting at far end of the class was getting ignored.This girl was in deep thoughts ,she did not have the money to deposit the fees and nor did she have the hope of getting the money soon.He father was a vegetable vendor who mostly lived hand to mouth . This season was worst and they were even not sure of food , fees for exam was a big deal.
Deep in thoughts , she did not realize ,when Manju her classmate and roll number 52, was standing beside her with 100 rupee note in her hand.She was pleasantly surprised ,but was reluctant to take the money as she knew she cannot pay it back in near future. But Manju persisted her to take the money and said she will give her fees tomorrow from her father.It was not that Manju was born with a silver spoon . Her father was a govt employee and they were a large family to take care of including 5 brothers and sisters and 3 aunts.
But that did not deter her from doing what she thought was right.

1965 , Agra College Agra,
Scenario  2:
   It was month of December and was chilling cold in Agra . Tuesday Afternoon and Manju and her friends were returning from College. They were walking on the pavement towards the rickshaw stand, gossiping ,giggling and talking!. Manju noticed one young girl ,sitting on the pavement,her hands and legs folded in a curl trying to stay warm. She was wearing only a frock which was hardly a cover in that chilling weather. Without thinking even once , Manju took off her  sweater and gave it to the girl . she then took the rickshaw and went home shivering ,

How many of us will do such a thing ? How many of us will take off our jackets and sweaters and give it to needy on the road. Even if we do charity , its like we select our old clothes which either do not fit us or we are bored off to give to others ?

Personally ,even I give a fixed amount to CRY and think . Oh I have done my bit for the society.

Is kindness at pure /selfless levels lost ???

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

ज़िन्दगी भी न जाने कितने रंग दिखाएगी,
किस किस घाट ,किस किस जगह का पानी पिलाएगी

एक रंग हो जीवन का तो समझ भी लो ॥
हर पल बदलती ज़िन्दगी को कैसे समझें

यहाँ पल में क्या हो जाये , कुछ कहा नहीं जाता...
अभी हंसह रहे हैं , कब रोना पद जाये कहा नहीं जाता...

जीवन एक सफ़र है सुना था ,
उतार चदाव होंगे इसका भी एहसास था हमें।
लेकिन इस तरह यह जंग लड़नी होगी इसका गुमान न था...
सरहद पे लड़ते सिपाही सहीद तो कहलाते हैं
उनके सम्मान में लोग सर तो झुकाते हैं
ऐसे भी किस्मत नहीं हैं हमारी...
यह ज़िन्दगी की जंग लड़नी भी होगी और वोह भी अकेले ही.....

Relation Beyond Religion!!

My Nanaji(Grand Father) was a man with a heart of gold. He drew satisfaction from life by helping others. And he was like this from the very beginning of his life.
Here is one such incident from his early life :

Village: Shergarh
Uttar Pradesh
One boy of barely 7-8 years of age was returning to home from his village school. Tossing and turning the stones/pebbles with his shoes , he was moving at his own pace , enjoying the fresh air and greenery around .
He saw one young boy sitting beside a tree and crying . he stopped and looked at him pleading with his eyes to talk to him.
he stopped walking and went up to him and sat beside him and put a hand on his shoulder and sat there patiently waiting for the boy to say something.

After , what it seemed like an eternity ,this boy spoke, and told that his name was Ali and he is from a neighboring village .Ali then told that he is an orphan and stayed with his uncle until it became impossible for him to tolerate the torture implicated on him.

This boy listened for some time and then suddenly asked Ali , "Will you be my friend and Stay at my place ??"
Ali was more than happy and didn't even flinch and eyelid before accepting the offer.

Ali and this boy now went to his house hand in hand, he did not even think once about asking his father or that he being a Hindu Brahman is taking a Muslim home!! (it was 1950s era).

On reaching home , this boy asked Ali to wait outside and went inside to convince his father. His father agreed not readily and whole heartedly to keep Ali in the house with some conditions offcourse (like he will not visit Pooja house / Will sleep in separate room outside the house /Will not enter the house when there are relatives in the house)

But this did not deter the friendship of Ali and this boy. They played together , and yes even ate together when his father was not around!! With the help from his mother , he was able to make Ali study till 10 the standard .

Ali had a friend finally whom he can confide anything , they both were inseparables . this boy avoided going on family holidays and always had some or the other excuse ready to avoid the same , so that he can be with Ali .
He did not personally like that Ali was treated with a different attitude by his father , but as he was young and dependent he could not say anything.

The boy got married and started job as a government employee in Agra.He tried to force Ali in to marriage as well (Ali was now manager of his father's farm in village), but Ali was not to marry.
This boy had 6 children and they made a habit of visiting Ali Chachu once a year during holidays.
Kids were as fond of their Ali chachu, as was Ali of these kids.

times passes by.. 20 years down the line

1970s, Marriage of eldest daughter . Venue :Agra
Marriage preparations were in full swing and the house was busting with activities. Ali was helping his friend with all the preparations and had a sense of pride and responsibility as if his own daughter was getting married.

Now as the wedding day came near , the relatives started pouring in . Relatives!! as they are had issues in seeing Ali take part is each and every ritual along with his friend.
They started talking obviously not infront ,but Ali overheard it.

As he treated the bride as his daughter he took it upon himself to take care of these talks and stopped coming inside the house. He started doing the arrangements outside , but would avoid going in to the house. His friend noticed it and cornered him for the same.Ali said as people are talking he do not want the Groom's family also to say something related to the same. But his friend would not listen and asked him to attend to the work inside the house like take care of the Maharaj ji and all!!!

D- Day arrived even though Ali had the support of whole family and was really treated as a Chachu by all the kids, he did not want to be the cause of any troubles from Grooms side.

The Bharaat was at the door ,everyone searching for Ali as he was required by his friend at the door for the Welcoming Ceremony, there comes a Sikh Pathan , with beard and Pagdi on his head. At first no one recognized him , but then younger kids shouted Ali Chahcu !!!

Isn't this an instance of Pure love and friendship without any hustles!!!

My Mom narrated this instance ,as she was fondly talking about her Papa (my Nanaji) and her Ali Chachu .

I decided then only this has to be posted!!!