Friday, July 16, 2010

First Monsoon


Sitting in my cubicle, sipping coffee.. was looking out of the window (Yes I am lucky one to have a cubicle facing window!!) . I keep looking out to see the freshness of the green trees to give rest to my strained eyes..
As it was Friday , was in a rush to finish off the last minute mails and leave office to start off the weekend as soon as possible.. Its difficult for me to sit in office after 6 on normal week days and after 4 on Fridays!!!

Oh I am drifting from the point I wanted to put across , the scene outside was breathtaking. I was mesmerized. Trees swaying from side to side , looked like a jubilant elephant welcoming the Rain God -Indra. Sky was bluish Grey with silver line running in between . Rabbits , flowers, smiley  all  seemed to have taken the form of black and white clouds.

It looked like , the Gods up in heaven were trying to experience the life on earth, or may be the creatures of heaven came down to have a look at us.
It started with slight drizzling ..Tiny ,little drops gracefully falling down..But hardly only a few minutes would have passed ..this calmness of drizzle was replaced by the thunderous rain. Loud sound of heavy water pouring on the walls started coming. It was at this point I was not able to resist myself..

I packed my laptop (yes laptop!) and dashed out of office. As soon as I came out of my office building I was greeted by this warm , earthy smell , the smell of fresh mud !

Laptop bag on my back and I just entered in to this territory . Within 1 min I was drenched , but it was an awesome feeling getting wet in the rain. I started walking taking in everything the smell of earth , the heavy rain trying to wear me down.. It was kind of  self motivating --fighting rain was like fighting all odds in the life and moving towards your goal. It was a therapeutic experience for me!!


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charu said...

Your story telling skill is awesome...