Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grey Cells at work .. full time!

Final Out Come --- Not So Bad Right :)) I like .. I like

Last Saturday(17th July) , luckily for a change I did not have any work to be done (my to do list was all checked!!)
Thought of watching TV but wasn't interested in watching the repeat telecast of serials or even movies ...
I saw one shoe box lying in the shoe rack. I am not a very creative person , but boredom forced me to do something ...:)
Catalyst !
I thought of converting the box in to something which can be used for decorating as well as for keeping some stuff..

we had some old wedding cards lying in the house from my sisters wedding and i thought of putting them to use.
Raw Material -- For the greatest Invention ever!!!
Without bragging much about how I did that, what effort it took  etc...(read actually I am myself not sure what I did first and what Last :) ) , let me just post the pic of final products ..
Half Done!!


Now I have kept the box in the lower self  in mom's bedroom and is being used for keeping Blood pressure machine/ and some medicines.


EC said...

Its very beautiful..lovely piece of work

Swaram said...

Superb idea! U inspire me to do this one soon. I hv a few cards and boxes lying arnd too :)

Spardha said...

Its super beautiful! :)

Prachi said...

Thanks Guys

I was not able to post any comment earlier..

Your appreciation strives me to try some more!!!

I have created a painting will post about it soon!!

Thanks a lot Guys!

gayathri said...

wow, this is super cool :)