Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kindness - A Lost Virtue

 1959 6th Class , All Girls School ,Agra
 Scenario  1:
 There was lots going inside the class, all girls were either busy filling forms or in line for deposition of examination fees.
It was second last day for the deposition of examination fees, which was 100 rs at that time.Amongst all this commotion and noise , the teary eye girl sitting at far end of the class was getting ignored.This girl was in deep thoughts ,she did not have the money to deposit the fees and nor did she have the hope of getting the money soon.He father was a vegetable vendor who mostly lived hand to mouth . This season was worst and they were even not sure of food , fees for exam was a big deal.
Deep in thoughts , she did not realize ,when Manju her classmate and roll number 52, was standing beside her with 100 rupee note in her hand.She was pleasantly surprised ,but was reluctant to take the money as she knew she cannot pay it back in near future. But Manju persisted her to take the money and said she will give her fees tomorrow from her father.It was not that Manju was born with a silver spoon . Her father was a govt employee and they were a large family to take care of including 5 brothers and sisters and 3 aunts.
But that did not deter her from doing what she thought was right.

1965 , Agra College Agra,
Scenario  2:
   It was month of December and was chilling cold in Agra . Tuesday Afternoon and Manju and her friends were returning from College. They were walking on the pavement towards the rickshaw stand, gossiping ,giggling and talking!. Manju noticed one young girl ,sitting on the pavement,her hands and legs folded in a curl trying to stay warm. She was wearing only a frock which was hardly a cover in that chilling weather. Without thinking even once , Manju took off her  sweater and gave it to the girl . she then took the rickshaw and went home shivering ,

How many of us will do such a thing ? How many of us will take off our jackets and sweaters and give it to needy on the road. Even if we do charity , its like we select our old clothes which either do not fit us or we are bored off to give to others ?

Personally ,even I give a fixed amount to CRY and think . Oh I have done my bit for the society.

Is kindness at pure /selfless levels lost ???


My Niche.... said...

people like her are a rarity...proud to have someone like her around..

charu said...

I very often talk about all her sacrifices...but had never experienced such Pride ever before..
We love You!!!
You are truly Great!!!