Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Relation Beyond Religion!!

My Nanaji(Grand Father) was a man with a heart of gold. He drew satisfaction from life by helping others. And he was like this from the very beginning of his life.
Here is one such incident from his early life :

Village: Shergarh
Uttar Pradesh
One boy of barely 7-8 years of age was returning to home from his village school. Tossing and turning the stones/pebbles with his shoes , he was moving at his own pace , enjoying the fresh air and greenery around .
He saw one young boy sitting beside a tree and crying . he stopped and looked at him pleading with his eyes to talk to him.
he stopped walking and went up to him and sat beside him and put a hand on his shoulder and sat there patiently waiting for the boy to say something.

After , what it seemed like an eternity ,this boy spoke, and told that his name was Ali and he is from a neighboring village .Ali then told that he is an orphan and stayed with his uncle until it became impossible for him to tolerate the torture implicated on him.

This boy listened for some time and then suddenly asked Ali , "Will you be my friend and Stay at my place ??"
Ali was more than happy and didn't even flinch and eyelid before accepting the offer.

Ali and this boy now went to his house hand in hand, he did not even think once about asking his father or that he being a Hindu Brahman is taking a Muslim home!! (it was 1950s era).

On reaching home , this boy asked Ali to wait outside and went inside to convince his father. His father agreed not readily and whole heartedly to keep Ali in the house with some conditions offcourse (like he will not visit Pooja house / Will sleep in separate room outside the house /Will not enter the house when there are relatives in the house)

But this did not deter the friendship of Ali and this boy. They played together , and yes even ate together when his father was not around!! With the help from his mother , he was able to make Ali study till 10 the standard .

Ali had a friend finally whom he can confide anything , they both were inseparables . this boy avoided going on family holidays and always had some or the other excuse ready to avoid the same , so that he can be with Ali .
He did not personally like that Ali was treated with a different attitude by his father , but as he was young and dependent he could not say anything.

The boy got married and started job as a government employee in Agra.He tried to force Ali in to marriage as well (Ali was now manager of his father's farm in village), but Ali was not to marry.
This boy had 6 children and they made a habit of visiting Ali Chachu once a year during holidays.
Kids were as fond of their Ali chachu, as was Ali of these kids.

times passes by.. 20 years down the line

1970s, Marriage of eldest daughter . Venue :Agra
Marriage preparations were in full swing and the house was busting with activities. Ali was helping his friend with all the preparations and had a sense of pride and responsibility as if his own daughter was getting married.

Now as the wedding day came near , the relatives started pouring in . Relatives!! as they are had issues in seeing Ali take part is each and every ritual along with his friend.
They started talking obviously not infront ,but Ali overheard it.

As he treated the bride as his daughter he took it upon himself to take care of these talks and stopped coming inside the house. He started doing the arrangements outside , but would avoid going in to the house. His friend noticed it and cornered him for the same.Ali said as people are talking he do not want the Groom's family also to say something related to the same. But his friend would not listen and asked him to attend to the work inside the house like take care of the Maharaj ji and all!!!

D- Day arrived even though Ali had the support of whole family and was really treated as a Chachu by all the kids, he did not want to be the cause of any troubles from Grooms side.

The Bharaat was at the door ,everyone searching for Ali as he was required by his friend at the door for the Welcoming Ceremony, there comes a Sikh Pathan , with beard and Pagdi on his head. At first no one recognized him , but then younger kids shouted Ali Chahcu !!!

Isn't this an instance of Pure love and friendship without any hustles!!!

My Mom narrated this instance ,as she was fondly talking about her Papa (my Nanaji) and her Ali Chachu .

I decided then only this has to be posted!!!


V. Bhardwaj said...

I thank you from the innermost recesses of my heart for remembering and unrevealing exemplary character of my father. I gratefully acknowledge this wonderful gesture of paying tribute to a great and enlightened soul. I could notice many of his divine powers. He felt presence of God in each and every cell of his body throughout his life but was a firm believer of Karma philosophy. I am touched, feeling honoured and elated. Regards. May God bless you

My Niche.... said...

an interesting story (real life) I must say..I hope this world still has people of similar attitude and love..difficult to find though...

charu said...

For this effort...I would like to thank you as well as congratulate you.....
Your efforts really speak for you..
We are proud to have such kind souls around us..