Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Do you do in a Train

What do people do in a train ?.. obviously travel!

I mean how do you spend time in a train.. and I am not talking of 4-5 hours journey . I am talking of spending 2 days 3 nights in a train (Bangalore -Guwahati ).. it is almost like a weekend getaway .
As soon as you get in .. say we spend a few hours in setting the luggage and getting to know fellow passenger.
If travel God  is smiling at you , your fellow passengers have same wavelength as you and so you hit off instantly .. then no tension journey will be a smooth ride with Playing Cards , talks on politics , economic backwardness of our country and how to counter terrorism.. keeping you occupied.

Along with this there will be rounds of anthakshri . Getting down and having tea at each and every station where train stops , sitting on the door  ..all this makes your journey really enjoyable .

But if you are not so lucky then you have option of reading .. this is also a great time pass.. (My highest speed in reading is when I am in the train :))
But if You cannot read in a train .then God help you :) You have only option left of sleeping.. but how much can a person sleep at max 15 hours in a day..

So you still have some time (Actually lots of time ) to kill..

If you are a keen observer, lots of interesting happenings in and around your coach can keep you busy..

You can see kids running around .. climbing and getting down stairs .. asking their parents for things from each and every hawker who comes in their cube ..fighting for window seat (I used to do this when I was a kid...:)) .. People discussing each and everything under the sun .. it can be quite entertaining to listen to all that...

I like to observe food as well!! How do people from different economic/ regional backgrounds do the packaging of the food they bring.. :)

If you still have some time left then do what I do when I get bored... Eat.. :) I eat a lot in the train and even now I have to taste each and every thing the hawker brings :)

Eating Habits of Current/Future Generation

Diet Bars!! ... Oh yes this is diet of future :)
Can these diet bars really substitute a  healthy,balanced meal ?
 The young generation especially college kids /professional , who have long hours of work and are staying either alone or in hostels      .. survive on these diet bars.
Nothing wrong in having it once in a while .. in between meals , or as snacks. but making it your bread and butter ?? Is it right thing to do..
Will this  habit not affect health in the long run . I would not deny that when you have lot of work pressure and are putting more than 10 hours , first thing which you skip is meals. Even I do the same
if I have lots of work at office , I do tend to skip lunch and substitute it for Biscuits and tea from pantry
 I keep doing this , although I know this is not healthy and I should not be skipping meals :) But as the saying goes
"Where there is a will , there is a way "

..I guess my will to eat healthy is not strong enough

Yeah really it is not difficult to have healthy alternatives even when you are very busy. take my case only , I can substitute these biscuits for fruits (like orange /guava/apple ) which I can easily carry in my hand bag.. along with a handful of dry fruits (either keep it in a small container in your cubicle/ or carry in your purse/laptop bag etc . It is not that difficult if put in to habit.

Lunch I see mostly as the most skipped meal of the day ..

But I know some people who even take nutri-bars for breakfast . This is highly unpardonable act :) because being at home during that time.. I do not think we can have lack of options. One fruit / Two slices of bread /One cup milk.. ( this is achievable even in a PG/hostel) .. and it 100 times better than former. if this takes time then.. Fruit Muesli (yes there are options of Fruit and Nut Muesli /Plain Muesli) with Milk .This wont even take 5 minutes to get ready and is having goodness of fibers and fruits and nuts .

Actually its just a matter of putting this in practice. I have said so much.. but even I am yet to put some of these to real implementation myself...

Will keep all posted on how it goes!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hum to bhai aise hain ..aise rahenge

Don't do this . This is not correct .
This is not allowed by the society , It wont look good.

I am sure each one of us would have experienced these at least once in our lives . Suppose we are confronted by our parents , in-laws , elders for something they feel is not as per their tradition /times, What do you do?
 It might be a simple thing like , not wearing jeans or a big decision like working or not working.

When you know you are also not wrong and at times even they are correct as per their upbringing , what should be done.

Should we blindly do what they say , or we should convince them of what we want .

Difficult  to say outright no as its all in the family , so we are just left with one choice either convince them or agree to them or do what you feel like doing  (do not care kind of attitude ) or pretend that you agree to them in their presence!!

Which way do you choose and vouch for ???