Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eating Habits of Current/Future Generation

Diet Bars!! ... Oh yes this is diet of future :)
Can these diet bars really substitute a  healthy,balanced meal ?
 The young generation especially college kids /professional , who have long hours of work and are staying either alone or in hostels      .. survive on these diet bars.
Nothing wrong in having it once in a while .. in between meals , or as snacks. but making it your bread and butter ?? Is it right thing to do..
Will this  habit not affect health in the long run . I would not deny that when you have lot of work pressure and are putting more than 10 hours , first thing which you skip is meals. Even I do the same
if I have lots of work at office , I do tend to skip lunch and substitute it for Biscuits and tea from pantry
 I keep doing this , although I know this is not healthy and I should not be skipping meals :) But as the saying goes
"Where there is a will , there is a way "

..I guess my will to eat healthy is not strong enough

Yeah really it is not difficult to have healthy alternatives even when you are very busy. take my case only , I can substitute these biscuits for fruits (like orange /guava/apple ) which I can easily carry in my hand bag.. along with a handful of dry fruits (either keep it in a small container in your cubicle/ or carry in your purse/laptop bag etc . It is not that difficult if put in to habit.

Lunch I see mostly as the most skipped meal of the day ..

But I know some people who even take nutri-bars for breakfast . This is highly unpardonable act :) because being at home during that time.. I do not think we can have lack of options. One fruit / Two slices of bread /One cup milk.. ( this is achievable even in a PG/hostel) .. and it 100 times better than former. if this takes time then.. Fruit Muesli (yes there are options of Fruit and Nut Muesli /Plain Muesli) with Milk .This wont even take 5 minutes to get ready and is having goodness of fibers and fruits and nuts .

Actually its just a matter of putting this in practice. I have said so much.. but even I am yet to put some of these to real implementation myself...

Will keep all posted on how it goes!

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