Friday, August 20, 2010

Hum to bhai aise hain ..aise rahenge

Don't do this . This is not correct .
This is not allowed by the society , It wont look good.

I am sure each one of us would have experienced these at least once in our lives . Suppose we are confronted by our parents , in-laws , elders for something they feel is not as per their tradition /times, What do you do?
 It might be a simple thing like , not wearing jeans or a big decision like working or not working.

When you know you are also not wrong and at times even they are correct as per their upbringing , what should be done.

Should we blindly do what they say , or we should convince them of what we want .

Difficult  to say outright no as its all in the family , so we are just left with one choice either convince them or agree to them or do what you feel like doing  (do not care kind of attitude ) or pretend that you agree to them in their presence!!

Which way do you choose and vouch for ???

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My Niche.... said...

Hmm..i this case..i guess i would first try to convinec them...And If I am not wrong would just go for it...After all there is nothinmg wrong in following your heart :)