Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Do you do in a Train

What do people do in a train ?.. obviously travel!

I mean how do you spend time in a train.. and I am not talking of 4-5 hours journey . I am talking of spending 2 days 3 nights in a train (Bangalore -Guwahati ).. it is almost like a weekend getaway .
As soon as you get in .. say we spend a few hours in setting the luggage and getting to know fellow passenger.
If travel God  is smiling at you , your fellow passengers have same wavelength as you and so you hit off instantly .. then no tension journey will be a smooth ride with Playing Cards , talks on politics , economic backwardness of our country and how to counter terrorism.. keeping you occupied.

Along with this there will be rounds of anthakshri . Getting down and having tea at each and every station where train stops , sitting on the door  ..all this makes your journey really enjoyable .

But if you are not so lucky then you have option of reading .. this is also a great time pass.. (My highest speed in reading is when I am in the train :))
But if You cannot read in a train .then God help you :) You have only option left of sleeping.. but how much can a person sleep at max 15 hours in a day..

So you still have some time (Actually lots of time ) to kill..

If you are a keen observer, lots of interesting happenings in and around your coach can keep you busy..

You can see kids running around .. climbing and getting down stairs .. asking their parents for things from each and every hawker who comes in their cube ..fighting for window seat (I used to do this when I was a kid...:)) .. People discussing each and everything under the sun .. it can be quite entertaining to listen to all that...

I like to observe food as well!! How do people from different economic/ regional backgrounds do the packaging of the food they bring.. :)

If you still have some time left then do what I do when I get bored... Eat.. :) I eat a lot in the train and even now I have to taste each and every thing the hawker brings :)


Kavitha said...

I am preparing for a 31 hour jourbey that I am not too keen about, only cz I don't know what I must do with all that time.. (apart from reading ofcrs)... this has given me a new perspective.. :) Nice observation :)

Prachi said...

31hours! All the best!

Actually .. yes if you start observing people.. time just passes!
Do let us know your experiences!