Sunday, September 26, 2010

A true story - truely Inspiring

 In this 21st century , is it possible to start from scratch without zero investment and reach great heights unheard of ..within a short span? Very rare I must say..

I feel privileged ,to present to you one such incident :

A young boy of 17-18, studying in 12th was nurturing a childhood dream of becoming a Engineer . He was now just one milestone away from it. He was intelligent , hardworking, vivacious and full of energy and zeal to learn. There was nothing which could have stopped him from cracking the Engineering Entrance Exam.   He fared well in the exam , he could have applied for any college and easily got a seat .
But when time for admissions came , he surprised everyone , even his family members by taking a seat in commerce college in his hometown and immersed himself in studies. he was as cheerful as ever ,raring to take life head on.
He also started studying the market conditions and making plans for doing some business.
Everyone in the family was shocked with his decision given the fact that he was so very much interested in doing some technical course . But this boy with his always smiling face put others mind at rest . It was not that he suddenly got a dream to join commerce . In his heart  he still had yearning for engineering  , but it never showed on his face . Reason why he did not opt for 4 years of college life and instead choose to study from him hometown , was he over heard his father's concerns due to some serious financial issues running in the family at that time.
 on getting to know  the issues, he did not even think twice before sacrificing his dreams.

He was still on look out for some opportunity to start something so that he can give some financial support . But its difficult/almost impossible to start with little or no investment .
But as they say 'Where there is a will , there is a way' , when he was in final year of his college , his uncle came home with a box of tissue papers and said "One of my relative from Bangalore has sent this for analyzing the business prospects of consumption of these in Assam , as I am busy with my other business I cannot take this venture , So if you are interested you can explore this opportunity  "
This boy did not let go off this offer, he took the box and told his uncle that he will do the business analysis and explore the market and find out the usability of this in Assam.

As the boy did not have a family background in this field nor any existing good will in the market , it was a tough road for him to cover .
Without even losing a moment , he get on with the work , he first started  by packaging the tissue papers in to smaller trial packages . he all this himself with help from his mother.Once the packets were ready , he went from one restaurants to shops  and giving them samples and convincing them to order more.
It was not an easy thing , traveling in buses or by foot he covered almost all the hotels / restaurants/ shops / club houses  in and around Guwahati. He was hoping for some big order that should get the business rolling . initially he was getting orders for say 500 packets per month , which was hardly covering the expenses.

But these hardships could not come in way for his young lad, with his hard-work , persistence and proper market research helped him in striving ahead.
Whatever money he made by selling the tissue papers, he ordered more from Bangalore , then packaged them at home , all by himself and distributed them , He took the orders to Shillong and nearby regions on scooter. his prompt delivery and care for quality helped him getting more orders.
It was not long before he started investing in other products like Banana chips and other delicacies from South India and delivered them in Assam.
He started getting orders from Big Super markets for these items as they soon become the hot property in Assam. When he had profits , he started investing the money in different well researched and analyzed ventures.

With his punctuality , hard work and quality products he is now reaching new heights . He started from almost zero investment and now has turnover of millions!.

Its not before , he will be touching the skies.!!

Isn't this a truly motivating story of sacrifice, hard work and success!

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My Niche.... said...

Thats a really inspiring stroy dear...who is thsi man by the way? Do I also know him?