Monday, December 27, 2010

A typical day in Life of Oreo

A typical day in Life of Oreo :

Oreo gets up by 4-5 am and then goes about waking others by licking /barking .
He loves doing that trying to wake others by licking them and then waiting for their response. He then goes for his routine walk for about 45 min .This walk involves walking , running at times, or smelling and licking things , trying to take in the world by its smell!.
Once he comes back , after a rest time of 15-30 minutes , its time for his breakfast which is milk or milk and bread (which I agree is not the healthiest option for him)
After doing all this hard work , it makes sense for him to take some rest , but as hardworking as our Oreo is , he monitors the house  by roaming here and there, trying to see if there is any litter ?(you know he just loves cleanliness , does not like paper and all lying here and there  :))
He then nods of for a brief amount of time.  if its our breakfast time by then , he will give us company by sitting and begging for food .(Yes yes I know its not a good habit to  be encouraged , but his eyes ... his eyes are so so expressive I am unable to say No , when he asks for a small slice or bread or a piece of chips :(( )

But mind you , he is such a hard working dog so everything else goes in his favor too . All the responsibility of drying clothes, getting the already dried clothes down  from the terrace is taken by him .:)  Anyone going up for drying clothes or getting them down , has a company  :) . We just have to say " Oreo kapde sukane chalna hai ?? and he is all ready!!"
But he also has a condition , which we need to fulfill ,whoever goes to dry clothes has to play a game for 5-10 minutes with him. It can be a game of chase or  tug of war anything  !!!

By the time , he finishes all these house hold chores and additional responsibility of making sure every member in the family gets exercise , its time for his lunch. (which is something he tries to avoid )
Its boiled vegetables and fruits  with a pinch of butter or cerelac mixed, followed by some pedigree. When the food is not of his choice . its not as easy to feed him , we need to engage him in to some activity so that he eats :) yes yes , Just like small kids , I need to feed him with spoon :))

After he finishes his lunch ,he either goes off to sleep , or plays with his chew toys (he has a collection of it which has to be given on a rotation basis ) .
Once its 6 o clock , he religiously goes off and sits near the gate to wait for My brother, who comes during that time. Once he is in the house , Oreo showers him with his love by licking and wagging his  tail (watching him wag his tail so beautifully is the best thing !). In debt with so much of love my brother , does his bit :) i.e takes Oreo out for  a walk for about 20-30 minutes.

After coming from walk , Oreo seems to be charged with so much of energy , its the fun time for him, he involves each of us in his game of Throwing balls etc.If you want to sit back and relax, just give Oreo 3-4 balls and see him trying to hold all of them in his mouth at once!!  He symbolizes a small kid at this time , trying to get hold of all the toys!!

Now its dinner time for Oreo , he gets his favorite food , egg and bread for dinner . Once he finishes off his dinner he lies down on his bed for his massage sessions!. yes if you go near him or touch him , he will lie on his back and ask you to pat him , he loves that.
Now he takes brief rest of 3-4 hours before Nilesh comes from office.

Once he hears him locking his car , he starts crying and looking at us to open then door, if you take some time in doing that , he will reach the door and try to open it :) he will run from one person to other begging them to open the door , wagging his tail all the time!!

Once Nilesh is in and has his dinner , he also taken him out for a run(for about 10-15 minutes). After the run devoid of all the energy and tired , he goes off to sleep peacefully until 4-5 am  !

It was a long tiring day at work for him  after all :)) Keeping happy a family of 5  members is not an easy task after all :)

He is the best stress reliever anyone can have!


Readitt said...

I think OREO in a family , keeps doctor away..

nice post.. which made me join your site. ( the e magazine )

Prachi said...

Thanks! Yes Oreo does keep doctors away.

I feel a pet is the best thing that can happen to us humans!

Thanks for joining my site!