Monday, August 22, 2011

The London Diary -Part 1

That was sunny afternoon of June 30th 2009 , when I landed at London Heathrow airport.  I was to meet Nilesh after a brief separation of 4-5 months. so exceitment was there and as usual I was nervous too. Joining work in a new country , meeting new people , new work environment all this was making me a bit jittery.
Well I came out of the airport after collecting my luggage and saw Nilesh smiling.what a feeling it was.. relief passed over me and I was happy!.

London was full of traffic jams .. that was my impression of the first day! But even in chaos there was an organization , everyone was following rules which was good  to see!

Our house was in reading some 45 miles from London. After a travel of around 45 minutes , we reached reading. City was calm and beautiful to say the least. Roads were like they have been mopped just now . Seriously not seeing even a small piece of litter on road was surprising for me!
Uniformity in architecture, color coordination in all apartment and buildings made this quaint little city seem like out of a fairy land!

The house was lovely!! fully furnished and tastefully designed with large french doors*(which I had always admired) it was love at first sight!
Weather  in Reading was bit warmer as compared to London which was good for me. It was summers when I landed so it was all sunny /warm and beautiful.but to be true the temperature at our house was always 25 degrees :)

I was to join office the next day , so after taking nights rest (jet lag never hits me for at least 2-3 days).Office was beautiful as Reading is one important client meeting place for my Company offices were tastefully designed .Thanks to my office colleagues joining and first day was not as dreadful as I thought !
I made some new acquaintances  in office . Good experience all in all!

So this is how I started my journey in England!

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