Saturday, August 27, 2011

London Diary Part 4 - Visit to Henley-on-Thames

While in England , we decided to visit small nearby towns of England to get a feel of the culture and the people .We zeroed on  a town named Henley on Thames .Henley-on-Thames is a town on the royal Thames river about 10 miles from Reading ,England .
The town is overlooked by beautiful landscape of wooded hills and green fields. Just few miles from the riverbank is the very heart of Henley with its historic church, town hall and market square, the latter bustling with busy stall-holders and shoppers on market days.

We drove through the market place, saw the quaint church and moves towards the River bank, there is a beautiful park alongside the bank , lovely place to spend your evening  for either a walk , or if you want to sit by the river side and enjoy the nature!. You can also go for boat rides , play a game of Ball with your pet, or even enjoy watching kids merrily going on various swings and all.
Visitors can also visit the famous River & Rowing Museum . Unfortunately we did not get the chance to go there as we were so engrossed in taking boat rides and walking along the bank and gorging on yummy french fries , we missed the closing time!

It was a fun visit! The drive to Henley is also as  beautiful as the destination! But that's true for whole of England really its a beautiful country !

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