Sunday, August 28, 2011

London Diary Part 5 - Visit to Isle_of_Wight

During one of the long weekends we decided to visit the largest island of England located in the English Chanel, Yup we decided to visit the Isle of Wight . It was the home of Queen Victoria! she made Osborne House which became holiday destination for many Victorians including Charles Dickens.

We along with Amit Bhaiya (& family) and Harmeet  decided to take the ferry to Isle of Wight from Southampton port. We just had to roll our cars on to the deck and then enjoy the scenic beauty of the ride.The ride was about an hour or so , we sat on the deck enjoyed a round or two of potato crisps and tea. Weather again blessed us by being warm and sunny throughout so it was lovely!
There are around 7-8 beaches of interest in and around the isle , so as soon as we reached the port, we got in to our cars and started exploring the city and the beaches.

All the beaches were almost too crowded or busy so we just kept driving taking in all the beauty of these beaches. We had to stop when we reached the sand-down beach Man what a sight it was breathtakingly beautiful beach! it is a long stretch of easily accessible golden sandy beach.

We then entered the water , it was chilly but not as chilly as the Bournemouth beach , so we were there for around an hour or so.
We decided to have lunch on San-down beach. We had sandwiches / fruits chips nuts and of course french fries and tea! It was yummy to say the least after a being in water for a long time.

After having lunch and resting in the sun for some time, we headed for some play time! yes we did  a round of running/chasing on the beach, followed by one more round of tea and cookies.

We did not plan to stay for the night so we headed back by the last ferry to southamptom. It was a place worth visiting again!

Leaving you with few pics to immerse in the beauty of this place!

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