Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Personalized Wall Art !

I have recently moved to California for a brief period.Now as we have rented an apartment here we as usual are bounded by various do and don't mostly don't.This has left me with very few decorating options and as our stay here is not permanent I do not want to waste money on decor items which would be difficult to carry back Home.

In order to get cheap DIY ideas I keep browsing through all the wonderful blogs, we are lucky to have!Its during one such adventure I stumbled upon this wonderful blog and this Art:

Blog and the blog owner are both captivating!

But there was one tiny issue in following the art as it is, the walls of our house are somewhere between beige/creamish white , so I wanted to bring a dash of colour through this art.

What I did is as follows :

Supplies Needed:
Canvas (any size as per requirement ) : I took the smallest one as I was trying first time and it was cheapest!
Acrlylic Water colours (I used Burnt amber/ Red/Aqua/Deep Blue)

Paint Brushes
Wooden letters

I first painted the canvases blue and red (thats the colour theme going around my living room/dinning area)
Then I painted few wooden letters Burnt Amber(to go with dark walnut wood of furnitures)
then just glued the letters to the canvas to form a quote .

Easy right!

After looking at those colored canvases for some time , I started disliking them  ..Yes Right I felt its lacking something . ie the Depth which single color gives. So I proceeded to Spray Paint it ..Classic White!

And here is the pic  to  prove that it indeed looks better!
One more!

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