Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's Cooking

Well, I made Gujarati meal as Lunch on Saturday.:) my first try at Gujarati cuisine. Now why am I posting about it .. no big deal ? Or you might say So .. you cooked Gujarati so what!.

But me being not interested in cooking till almost 2 years back... its an achievement
Yes true, when we were kid we were instructed to only focus on studies.. I never entered kitchen to even make tea till 12th .. That is even if my mom would call us, Papa would be angry seeing us in kitchen.. his  point being  there will be plenty of time for cooking right now you need to focus on what is important , ie studies..:) good for us we didint have to do anything in the house...but as  I look back now. it was hard on mom.. never got any time for relaxation as we being in remote Arunachal, there was no house help or anything:( . Well here goes my habit of blaberring again.
To cut long story short even after I was married , i was lucky to have my mom nearby so I hardly cooked as my husband liked my mom's cooking. Anyways now when I moved to London.. then I had to enter the kitchen and I started liking it also .. I tried my hand at baking and all there and loved it.
so Now in US , I have started cooking and I kibnd of like it. I cannot say I love cooking as Its like work only. but if I am cooking something other than  normal meal , I am good.

So came the Saturday Cooking Challenge I have for myself.. I am going to cook one traditional meal from one state of India every Saturday.  I love tasting other cuisines, although as a strict vegetarian my options get limited, but I will be trying recipes which are vegetarian and traditional.

I started.. no not with my State , but with birth place of father of our nation.. Yes Gujarat!

Well I made Lunch which consisted of :

1.Gujarati Kadhi
3.Leelva nu bhaat
4. Makai nu bharta
5. Batata nu Shaak
6.Tuvar nu daal
7.kakdi nu raita

It turned out great!!
I did not include any snack items like dhokla and that will be one more challenge , i will setup for myself once I accomplish this:)

Next Week!! We are going to the land of Tagore!!! Wish me luck!!

ETA : A pic of the Gujarati fare!!

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