Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Broken Glass Turned Cute Keeper!



Process  :

I had one broken glass  waiting to go in the recycle bin. Then I thought of reusing it . And I am glad that I did not throw it.

After Pic is not as perfect As I would have loved.. But Hey it was my first try as Glu gun and I am pretty happy about it!

Ok So I had the following Supplies :
1.Glu Gun
2.Left Over White Spray Paint (Used for Other projects)
3. Broken glass

So I proceed to make words on the broken side of glass (L covers the broken Line perfectly )

And Itched LOVE. Once it was set , I went ahead and spray painted it .

Thats It! As easy as it can get right!

Then I noticed one plastic Tumbler lying around, which looked kind of cheap. So I itched EAT and spray painted it also.

A and T are little too distant right :((

Any idea how can I remedy that ???

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