Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

This post is dedicated to the my idol, inspiration, strength and yes the best teachers in the world  - my parents.

Teacher's Day celebrated on September 5th, is the birthday [5 September 1888], of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. It is considered a "celebration" day, where teachers and students report to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance. At some schools on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students to show appreciation for their teachers.

As children this day always held special meaning for me as both my parents are wondeful teachers. Me and my siblings did our schooling from remote north east part of India , i.e. Arunachal Pradesh (The land of rising sun ...)

My fondest memories of Teacher's day are from the years when I was old enough to understand and participate in ways other than savouring chocolates!

On this day we would go to school at normal time and as usual the day begun with morning assembly prayers and the national anthem followed by the teachers speaking about Dr Radhakrishnan and how he loved children. Then, the students took turns to show their appreication to the teacher, by either giving an speech or reading a poem dedicated to them. Then the most anticipated and interesting part, the games! Sack race, toffee race (yes we had this too :) ) etc for Junior kids and then the best part -- sweets distribution!

There were also literary competitions like  elocution/essay writing etc. I vividly remember an instance when I enacted Indira Gandhi!, wore a saree(my first time) and powdered my hair to imitate the famous Indira Gandhi grey stripe! I then delivered a speech as Indira Gandhi! The effort won me the first prize, it was a great feeling!

Although we shall always be grateful to our teachers for the persons we are today, this day gives us an perfect opportunity to acknowledge this fact and show our appreciation for our wonderful teachers.

I am few of the lucky people who got the chance to be taught by their father .. in school. He is one of the most patient teacher I have ever met . Even now you can ask him a question practically 100 times and each time he will answer calmly and with same enthusiasm. His grasp on his subjects is unparalleled. He was the tutor and mentor for me and my siblings in all high school subjects English, Hindi, Social Sc, Science and even Maths.And then Science in 11th and 12th. This when he has done his masters in Hindi and Economics! Its sheer hard work ! proves that Hard work pays! He was my Social Studies teacher in 10th and You know what I scored All India Highest in Board Exam!

He was sole teacher in remote place called Tawang  He practically started Schooling in that area. He was treated royally by the tribal people there .
One story I remember from that time (I heard it obviously! as I was not even born then . BTW Tawang is my birth place cool na! ) .When My father started school in Tawang , he was the only person taking care of everything , he was the principal , teacher, management head everything!. So tribal's used to interact with him almost daily. In those days teachers were given way more respect than today , so these people used to get Egg/Meat etc as appreciation to my father,He used to politely decline that - Reason 1 being We are strict vegetarian and 2, he avoids favors as it might promote favoritism. . Slowly these people started giving my father same level of respect as a Monk (!!). [Note:We have Buddhist population as majority in Tawang]

There are hundreds of such stories, I can keep going on and on.

I just wanted to dedicate this post to the best teacher I have known, and lucky to have him around even after finishing studies!

I just wanted to dedicate this post to the best teacher I have met , and lucky to have him around even after finishing studies!  He is still my GO TO person for Politics and anything related to latest changes in political or administrative scneario . He is  a walking talking encyclopedia for me :)  He gives me my weekly dose of Politics and what is happening around the country/world. When He  says/explains something it becomes so easy !

Thanks Papa for being such a great teacher!

This is from all the students you have ever taught and are teaching!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my mother as a wonderful teacher that she is. Although I was a bit unfortunate having not got a chance to be actually taught by her in a classroom(By the time she started teaching , I was well past her class), but I was a lot more fortunate to have taken the lessons of life from her. She made me what I am today! She is my problem solver, any issue any problem, you take to her and you can be sure of a solution! She is my pillar of strength, her courage gives me strength literally. She was quite a favorite teacher in her class. When the students passed from her class to next level, they would literally go to the principal with written applications! and request her to make my mom their teacher again. I think this speaks a lot about how great a teacher she is. I shall always regret to have never got a chance to be in her class. But, hey, she taught me at home and for my whole life and is even doing that till date!

Well this is my way of saying Thanks Mom and Dad for being there for us.


Kantha said...

Lovely post Prachi:)
Soo good to read abt your Dad and Mom..Brings back some of my old memories abt my mom who was also a teacher..How much she loved her profession and her students..If a student didnt turn up for a week or so,she would send my brother to their place to check if everything is fine ..We are lucky and blessed..
Thanks Prachi for this post:)

Treena said...

U r such a wonderful writer, very well penned thoughts, indeed touching!! way to go!!

Prachi said...

Hey Kantha.. so nice to hear about your mom.. I know our childhood is filled with such memories ..reallY we area blessed!!
Thanks a lot for liking the post ! Keep reading! and giving your feedback

Prachi said...

Hey Treena

Thanks a ton! You really made my day!!

Follower ban ja please!!1 :) and keep giving me your honest opinion ..

RS said...

Very nicely written post. And its really very rare to be taught by one's own parent in school and that too not many of us would've wanted that!!

Thanks for De-lurking at my space too! :-)

Prachi said...

Hi RS :)

Thanks for lovely comment

Even your blog is filled with wonderful memories!!
Well written and great!

Consider me your new follower :)

R's Mom said...

Wow..your dad is a super man na! and you were born in Twang...isnt that the awesomest thing ever :)

And your mom...super woman (yaa but if uncle is super man she HAS to be super woman na)

Thanks for sharing Prachi..its a super nice post to read and feel good :)

Highest in Social studies *Faints, gets up and applaudes*

Prachi said...

Hey R's Mom.. you really know how to make.. anyone feel good.

Thanks a lot!

barunjha said...

well written
Been in north-east, I can say this is a common story for so called plainers...

Prachi said...

Thanks .

Yes true.. its a quite common scenario there in north east and I am so proud to be able to experience it!