Saturday, September 24, 2011

London Diary Part 7 - Visit to London

Finally the trip , I should have written about lot earlier . Trip to the City of London, to the city of Royal blood , epitome of etiquette.Located on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennium,its history going back to its founding by the Romans, who called it Londinium

London contains four World Heritage Sites: the Tower of London , Kew Gardens; the site comprising the  Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margret's Church; and the historic settlement of Greenwich (in which the Royal Observatory marks the Prime Meridian and GMT) Other famous landmarks include Buckingham Palace, the  London Eye , Piccadilly Circus,St Paul's Cathedral,Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Wembley Stadium . London is home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries, sporting events and other cultural institutions including the British Museum,National Gallery, Wimbledom and 40 theaters. Its a lot to cover in one day right! . So this post has bits and pieces from all the visits we made to London .And yes how can I forget our new years celebration we had there! the fireworks , the crowd  it was so magical.

We decided to visit London in train to be able to experience the London Tube . Oh! the London tube map looks really like a large  network of nerves . We first went to the famous Trafalgar Square .Its a public place . located in Central London .At its center is Nelson's Column, which is guarded by four lion statues at its base.Trafalgar Square is owned by the Queen in Right of the Crown.When we visited , there was a public conference happening for increasing awareness about the china-tibet issue. It was a protest  against  Chinese government , by Chinese/Tibetan people.So it was fully crowded and people were handling pamphlets.
We stayed there for some time , watching what the drama was all about.

We then went to the The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum . I did not find it extraordinary , it was Ok
Here you can get more information about the place

                                           The car made of swarovski crystals
                                           Famous Marilyn Monroe

                                              Wedding dresses made with Tissue papers

On our next visit to London we were glad to be in time to watch the Change of  Guard Ceremony.Guard Mounting, or Changing the Guard (often incorrectly referred to as the Changing of the Guard), refers to a formal ceremony in which sentries providing ceremonial guard duties at important institutions are relieved by a new batch of sentries. The ceremonies were elaborate and precisely choreographed. It was like watching a well directed movie, where every action , every person involved was following a rhythmic motion which was timed perfectly. There was a loud crowd which gathered well before it was time for the ceremony What I liked about the people , was that even though there were thousands of people there, it there was no chaos , people formed themselves in to lines and followed it.It was a great experience.

We took a ferry to have a tour of the River Thames . We sailed passed the London Bridge , saw the business district , the financial hub , and weathered the horrible cold.

Here are few more pics from our trips to the Westminster abbey ,Palace of Westminster ,the London eye , Picadily circus .each of these place have their own charm .Westminster Abbey is a collegiate church governed by the Dean and Chapter of Westminter, as established by Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1560.
Did you know , Westminster was the primary London residence of the Kings of England until a fire destroyed much of the complex in 1512. After that, it served as the home of Parliament.I could not help but admire the English architecture .Every detail is looked in to , I just stood there admiring the buildings. Every building  has a story to tell, a legacy , a history.

I can actually go on and on about the London visits and It will never end. I think I will have to reserve the rest for a different post keeping the long/boring post I have already written!

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