Monday, September 12, 2011

New Years in London!

We were lucky to be  able to ring in 2010 from the banks of River Thames,amongst thousands of people and fireworks worth dying for.
New Year’s Eve in Central London is one of the busiest nights of the year - the Mayor’s midnight fireworks display on the banks of the Thames attracts around 250,000 people
New Year’s Eve in London is all about fun and celebration and we all want to have a great time.
If you are planning to celebrate in central London, particularly if you want to attend the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, it pays to plan ahead, including:
  • Travel plans before the fireworks event
  • Where you plan to be at midnight.
  • How to get home.
 So we along with our friends decided to plan ahead and left for Central London ,We decided to go till Southall and take the tube from there (to avoid the traffic) . We first tried the Westminster Bridge which was one of the viewing area, but when we reached there by 7.30 pm it was already full! People swarming all over the place,some were playing cards, others were dancing to the tunes of live radio , some were just sipping tea to warm them up. So we decided to move near the London Eye area. These were the areas which were best to enjoy the fireworks.
We settled in by 8 pm and then the long wait started, weather was chilly to say the least .We then started our evening by drinking some hot hot tea and then played cards (my favorite game of 29!) . It was lovely to play under the sky by the side of river and surrounded by thousands of people. We had dinner of burgers and french fries  .By the time it was 11 people were dancing in full swing so we decided to go along, dancing with the crowd, cheering school kids who were showing there stunts was fun!It was my first romantic dance under the sky! Oh loved it.
And before we knew  we were counting 10 . and !!!!!!!! Happy New Year!! Boom and it was fireworks from the London Eye!It was breathtakingly beautiful . I cannot express it in words!
Red, white and blue fireworks lit up the London Eye in the display.The 10-minute display had a musical soundtrack for the first time, showcasing some of the most famous songs by British artists.

After we greeted everyone surrounding us at the top of our voices and when the fireworks ended, we decided to  head home . That's when we sensed we were actually trapped  in a human chaos. Although people were peacefully walking towards train stations /parking spaces, Still imagine 50000 people trying to move!. It was really hard and to top it all my shoes started hurting . At freezing -2 degrees I had to walk in my socks :( It took us  1 hours to reach train station which was a mere 15 minutes walk .After we reached Southall and got in the warmth of  our cars , it was fine. We reached home around 4 in the morning and then crashed on the bed staright

Hmm Will I again spend 10 hours to watch  10 minutes of fireworks live! Will have to think twice seriously ,but experiencing it once was worth all the trouble!

It was a great New year!

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