Friday, October 07, 2011

Paint Chips turned to chick Wall Art

There won't be any person , who has not handled free paint chips at any point in his/her life right! We all deal with color swatches, be it for new house, room renovation or office decoration ,creation of nursery etc reasons are immense.
But what do we do after we select our color, mostly throw those paint chips right ,not anymore..
Here is a chick wall art which can be created with Paint Samples . You would need only picture frames.
Only in my case, neither am I redoing my house, or painting any room . But just to try this art I collected the paint chips in various colors.This was my inspiration.

This art cost me only 3$ yes that's right 3 bucks was the price for 3 frames I grabbed at Dollar Tree.  I love dollar store! . This is like 135 rupees. (and this can add an easy pop of color) depending upon the color theme, it can be a great wall art in Nursery /bathroom or even hallway!

First I tried cutting the paint swatches in to Stripes and then use them. But I did not quite like the final output very much.

Then we got a circle puncher and made circles, and then used them .

I used normal glue stick  to stick the circles to white sheet of paper.
And this is our End Result!

I made one frame with lighter tones of color , one with darker shades and one with the leftovers!
As in this apartment walls are beige and we have otherwise black/dark walnut furniture , I used all the colors I had. But may be in future I will change to bigger frames and more themed approach.

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