Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paint Samples Used Again!

Yes one more craft using the paint samples . But in my defence, home depot has this huge section on piant swatches that keeps calling me as soon as I enter Home Depot !

This time around I Picked the thin sample stripes which have the color name coded.
Then I set down to work. These are the few designs which I first tried :)

Once I was sure on which one to use, I just glued the paint swatches to the canvas using glue stick . And then I used mod podge(3-4 coats) to give it a finish.

Here is the end result!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scotland From My Eyes -1

We were approaching the time ,scheduled for our return to India. So a decision was made to turn these numbered days in UK in to the most memorable ones. In a jiffy a plan was made to Visit Scotland.
A Car Trip for 4 days was planned We a group of 4 (Me, Nilesh , Ashish and Shuchi)were all set to hit the road in the first week of April. We carefully decided what to cover in those 4 days. Fort William , Nevis Range, Glenfinnan , Eilean Donan , the list was endless. We choose to bypass Edinburgh and Glasgow to have a chance to look at Scottish country and highlands beauty.

We started our journey at 3 in morning towards Invernesshire -Fort William, 9-10 hours and equal cups of tea later ,we actually entered heaven before dying :)( Lord knows if I will have a pass to heaven when I die ..:)).
Saying that it was breathtakingly beautiful would be an understatement. Snow covered hills glistering in the sun , the sight was enchanting. We stopped our car and stared at the scene open mouthed (I swear all four of us were silent for minutes ,each of us soaking it in !)

Pure ,white coluds trying to embrace the equally white hills alongside  a sparkling blue water lake felt like a scene from a romantic moview where two lovers are meeting after a long long separation. This felt like a place where nature gets to romance!

After a refreshing rest we carried on our journey to a beautiful Loch Leven Hotel ,North Ballachulish, Onich, Nr Fort William, Inverness-shire.

 The village of Ballachulish was very very beautiful !

The staff was were very warm and welcoming. We went to our rooms . But it felt like a waste of time to even go to the rooms for freshning up .After flat 45 minutes , we were out on the road again. First we roamed around the area nearby on foot , it was sunny but weather was cold. We walked on this beautiful bridge
 It was picturesque view from the bridge!
We decided to explore the local highlights . We went to the famous 'Harry Potter Bridge!'. Its located in the highlands in the Village of Glenfinnan.

After visiting the iconic bridge we moved to see one marvelous inventions of history,the Fortune steps ... it was amazing how they moved ships from low water level to high water level in the 17th century

As it was still sunny and weather was in our favor , we decided to Visit the famous Nevis Range!
 Its around 7 miles north of Fort William. We took the famous gondola ride to the Aonach Mor
(8th highest mountain in Britain). This Journey allowed breathtaking views of Scottish high lands, great glen , Ben Nevis and much more. As we went in the month of April ,Winter was receding and nature was welcoming spring. We saw a mix of green and white .Valleys and plains bountiful of lush green grass and trees  surrounded by snow covered white hills on both sides!. Made me realize Green and White is an eternal combination , always beautiful and so pure.

Aonach Mor was fully covered in snow and as soon as descended from our gondola we reached for snow ! We were kids the next moment throwing balls at each other trying to hike up the snow covered hill!It was fun. Freezing cold and a cup of extremely hot tea made the whole experience almost magical.

After refreshing our tired bodied with tea , we started our journey down towards base . It was quite late by then and when finally it was difficult to see any thing clearly due to sunset we retreated to our room for a much deserved rest ..happy and content!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Water Color -Canvas and an Art

What do you do when you have water color and canvas at hand? Stupid question right. Obviously color the canvas.. and exactly this is what I did .
I made wall art for the wall behind the TV using the canvas and water color and two of my bangles!
First the End Product :

This is what you would Need:

2)Water Color
4)Bangles (or any other hollow circle  to use as border )

To start , first choose the color or colors you would like to use . I used shades of blue and happy color yellow
Then take small amount of color on a plastic plate and then dip the brush in to it (make sure its not too watery or too much color , as in that case , circle boundary would not be well defined.)
Once you have the color on your brush , simply color inside the circle you have created using the bangles (or you could draw using a pencil)

Follow this process to make filled or marked circles as per your imagination/design.
It is a simple process only we need to be careful of not taking too much paint or water in the brush.

I am still deciding on where to use it (not behind TV anymore)! So the final picture would come later.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Not Just Another Gift!

Well this was my gift to my husband ,while we were celebrating 10 years of being together !

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Random Pics!

 So pure and serene!
 Proud to say all what you see here is made by me!
Lovely haan!