Friday, November 11, 2011

Water Color -Canvas and an Art

What do you do when you have water color and canvas at hand? Stupid question right. Obviously color the canvas.. and exactly this is what I did .
I made wall art for the wall behind the TV using the canvas and water color and two of my bangles!
First the End Product :

This is what you would Need:

2)Water Color
4)Bangles (or any other hollow circle  to use as border )

To start , first choose the color or colors you would like to use . I used shades of blue and happy color yellow
Then take small amount of color on a plastic plate and then dip the brush in to it (make sure its not too watery or too much color , as in that case , circle boundary would not be well defined.)
Once you have the color on your brush , simply color inside the circle you have created using the bangles (or you could draw using a pencil)

Follow this process to make filled or marked circles as per your imagination/design.
It is a simple process only we need to be careful of not taking too much paint or water in the brush.

I am still deciding on where to use it (not behind TV anymore)! So the final picture would come later.

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pramod said...

artistic creation. very appealing.