Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wall Decor in 5$

Anyone looking for any decor/DIY idea would have definitely hit on this blog:

I am in love with their house, and Burger and Clara add on so much charm! I just love their whole family so much fun and super talented.
So I normally read their blog daily  and normally what they do is beyond my humble capabilities.but they have a wall art in their living room which I thought I could try but definitely on a more cheaper source!

Here comes another trip to Dollar Tree! I got five frames (white) from there for 5 bucks. And I already had few handmade paper with me .
The process is pretty simple, I just attached the hand made paper to those frames like this!
and then hang them on the wall using wall safe hangings(its a rented house so cannot use nails and all)
Here is how it looks all done!

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