Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Love Deserts`- trip to the Grand Canyon!

This is a realization which hit upon me on my trip to Nevada and Arizona states .I have been to beaches, hill stations and places full of greenery and life. Its not that I did not like the place or the beauty of nature full of life. Snow covered mountains, lush green forests , sandy beaches, I have seen it all and loved it too. But seeing the brown hills, devoid of any life , huge rocks standing tall  , barren lands .and basically nature in its lifeless form , I realized I love it more ! It might sound like an insane thought but actually I loved the beauty of nature in this form.
Somehow seeing the land all barren and hills small and without any forest and greenery to block the way to the top.I felt a sense of control ,a power I cannot describe.
It was like I felt I have control over this aspect of nature. When I see oceans and mountains. I feel a sense of dread ,a feeling of helplessness .Its like I do not have any power there ..Its beyond human control.
Oceans where I cannot even see the end is like looking at the unknown, I do not know what is at the end .(theoretically I do know , but its a feeling )
But when I look at the barren lands I have a feel I can change it I can make it fertile I can work on it.which gives me control over there!

Whatever the reason, I have realized I love deserts more than any other nature's form!.

When I saw grand canyon , I saw the huge canyon where  earlier  Colorado river used to flow. It made me realize what might happen to earth millions of year later. Or what could become of Oceans and Mountains !It was like an insight in to the future!