A trip to Hollywood

Though I am staying in California, SFO to be precise from last five years...it was only last year that I was able to make that four hour trip to Los Angeles. I know many of you might be smiling at my pathetic record of traveling...and I am not going to blame you guys for that.
But as they say better late than never, so we finally made the trip to the dream city of LA. It is all what I expected it to be and much more...

Fashion conscious public, every person looks straight out of a magazine and everyone is running towards something..life is very fast paced if compared to the rest of California I have seen:)
But this city has a charm you won't find anywhere...its the place where dreams do come true.. land where fairies seem real and magic bands do bring fortunes!( hey at least for the kids they do)
We(read my husband) drove for the entire duration of the journey and I was just doing my bit, by eating even his share of junk food and excess salt!(I do believe in doing good for others).
We reached Irvine, bypassing the main LA city, to our friends place. Meeting old friends is always the highlight of any trip and this was no different...After a long night of catching up, next morning we were ready for the trip to crux of THE HOLLYWOOD (Universal Studios).

The sheer majesty of the place is unbelievable, it actually feels like you are in a movie.as soon as you enter the main Studio area, you would see a different theme on each side you turn your eye to. If on one side the characters of despicable are luring the child in you...on the other the gross blood thirsty skeletons in drags are ready to take you to your worst nightmare. If at some place Shrek is calling you to experience the adventurous ride with him, at some place nearby mummies of Egypt are coming to life...the list is endless.

Our first and foremost stop was animal actors show, and I got to see the Bat from Lord of the rings! and the cute puppy from the movie Legally Blonde. We were so amazed to see the perfection with which these perform their tasks...Its a must watch to see these animal actors in action and point to be noted is more than their perfection its their occasional goof ups which will make you split with laughter!


 The way they have tried re creating the movie themes and made them look so real is commendable . whether you are a 2 year old or a 100, this place has something which will entice you. Even me! I am not a fan of any joy rides or any rides...I never even like the kids rides, really, I am that scared, my point of going to the studios was just to see the place...I was sure that I would not be doing even a single ride.And as far as I run by the name of any adventure ride, my husbands runs towards it with twice the speed... you got the point!.
As a gesture of  compromise, I agreed to go on one ride, which had the theme of Jurassic Park, my thoughts being, what could a Jurassic park ride have which could be dangerous, only Dinosaurs roaming around and I can deal with that! But oh boy how wrong I was. Yes it did have all what I imagined, but much much more, the up and down moving of the wagon and dropping from a hill literally brought my heart to my mouth...to be honest I enjoyed it.. will I do it again.. NO NEVER!
My husband did few more rides while I enjoyed the walk through all the theme settings.
How could a trip to Hollywood be over without going on the studio tour...we stood in line for more than an hour for that (yes 60 minutes people)...But the tour was worth it... As the train traveled to the studios and sets areas, we saw sets where our favorite serials have been or are being filmed!
The ride included a surprise 3d adventure ride, which was through a jungle and we were fighting the bad boys!... It was fun ride and we enjoyed it immensely. Tired but still roaring to go we booked one last show on our way out, the Pirates Water show... Ice cream cones in hand we sat in the middle to watch the show...It was only when the show started and we were drenched to the core , we understood why no one else was sitting in the middle.. it was a full on drama, with boats splashing water all over ...fires burning the house and the lead pair escaping on a water bike... the show had all the makings of a true Hollywood hit:)


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