Sunday, April 10, 2016

Journey to San Diego!

San Diego, the beach city of California...well as such most of California is surrounded by magnificent pacific, but water is so chilly, (at least for me) that if I can put my toes in there, my day is made...I call San Diego as beach city, as the warmer water there lets you actually enjoy the sea!
We started for San Diego after enjoying the Hollywood, our friends wonderful hospitality and some magnificent scenic beauties of  beautiful Irvine. San Diego from LA (Irvine) is just two hours. So after spending one day at Hollywood, next morning we decided visiting all nearby and famous beaches in and around LA and then leaving for Diego in evening.

 We started with a calm, beach surrounded by palm  trees. It was a semi private beach, hence the tranquility and peace

 We snooped around the beach, peaking a sneak at the interior of houses around. Each house was just like a  page from a high profile interior decoration magazine!.
After spending some time in the quaint surrounding and enjoying the foggy morning with a warm cup of coffee we moved towards Crystal cove beach. Water at the beach was extremely clear, though you would find lot of rocks on this beach. The rock clusters form some nice formations which are scattered around the beach. We sat on the rocks and enjoyed the peace..each of us engulfed in our own thoughts...


 Unfortunately we could not enjoy the water on that day, our lack of time and cold weather being the culprit.
But all this strolling on the beach, make us dream about something fried and spicy. We headed for a hot, spicy Indian lunch and after filling (Read stuffing us to the brim) we started our journey to our next destination...the famous Laguna Beach!  I have to admit this is the only crowded beach I saw in Irvine.
Kids playing joyfully in the waters, families building sand castles and smell of barbeque wafting throughout.. this definitely was a family beach! As neither did we have our grilling gear with us, nor the time and patience to make sand castles, we just took a short stroll on this beach and left...I am leaving you with few pictures


 By the time we left Laguna beach, it was past 2 and we were ready to head towards San Diego..but not without our friends. We convinced (Read pressurized,/emotionally blackmailed) them to come to Diego with us....More the merrier right!
On the way to Diego we were mesmerized by the beauty of this beach...hands down the best beach ever. It was not on our go to list, but we really could not avoid averting our eyes as we passed the San Clemente Beach, so for the safety of the road and people driving on it, we parked our car before it did any damage.
What's so different and unique about this beach, well it is the first beach I ever saw which had a railway track running beside it:)

Beach was quiet and other than the occasional trains flying by, we were not bothered. Beach on the one side, a rocky terrain on the other and  a railway track running in between! Super Awesome  I say

We stayed there and watched the sunset...golden red light emitting throw the sky, making the sky a cozy multi colored blanket, making you feel like taking a nap right there!
The sun reminded me of that supreme power who is guiding us all, with its warmth and glow.

Well after enjoying this unparalleled beauty of nature, humbled and calm we started our journey on the way to San Diego!.... I feel the post is getting a little  too long to be on the borders of BORING! so lets go over to Diego in the next post.

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