Sunday, April 10, 2016

San Diego From my eyes!

We reached Diego tired ...but there is nothing which a hot water bath, a cup of  tea and the sounds of music from the down town won't cure. within an hour we were down, ready to soak in the beauty of homely town of San Diego. This down town had a closeness, a feeling of oneness you only see in Villages. People greeted each other warmly, there was a communal feeling, music, teenagers dancing at the slightest sound of music, it was all very fresh for the eyes and calming for the brain.
We had dinner at a french restaurant and after enjoying the ride in a rickshaw (yes we spotted rickshaws for the first time in US) and went crazy for obvious reasons..we chose a colorful rickshaw with music and enjoyed a  thirty minutes ride covering the whole down town of San Diego. I would say it was steeply priced but for a ride of a lifetime, well worth it. PS: I would never take that second time though!.

Unable to open our eyes anymore, we called it a day. Next day was supposed to be a super hectic day, as we had taken the task of seeing all of San Diego in one day. We started early for one of the most famous places around Balboa Park . This park is famous for being an archive of  historical buildings, numerous museums, gardens and green parks. Its a landscape of art and culture...a unique marriage if I may add. We walked across the beautiful rose garden, lotus pond, botanical garden which was just out of this world with flora and fauna from across the globe thriving inside a green house. Countless museums invited us to get enthralled with our history and history of mankind. This place is really a heaven for everyone and it offers something enriching for every facet of life and I feel even a week spent here is less...You feel like you have been transported to a different world entirely, peaceful, quiet and so full of knowledge.

Unfortunately and much to my dismay we just had a day and so we left the place for our next destination, which was the famous Seaport Village, which is a waterfront shopping and dinning complex on the San Diego Bay. If you are fond of seafood in particular this is the place for you. We took a stroll around and watched the Coronado Bridge from there. Strolling along the water front, we made our way towards the famous Maritime Museum of San Diego. The Ship which houses the museum can be seen from a distance.

The waterfront itself is lined with ships of all shapes and sizes.

Instead of going inside the museum, we moved our way towards the famous USS Midway Museum, which is actually a real aircraft carrier, in fact it is the longest serving US aircraft carrier for 21st century.  You can see all the aircraft displayed on the carrier.

Beside the Museum you have the infamous sculpture of Unconditional Surrender. As the story has it, this is an icon for just reward for Victory, sailor grabs the nearest gal - a nurse.  As per another story, its the a symbol of a sailor getting reunited with his wife after war in a passionate kiss. in any case it indeed is the symbol of love and happiness.

After this lovely site we moved on to our next destination on the list... Oh yeah we were not yet done.  It was the temple of the churches of San Diego - of later day saint. to be honest it was not on our initial list, but while passing the town of San Diego we saw this magnificent white structure and were drawn to it. See it for pure white majesty standing admist the green palm trees is really inviting!

Unfortunately, it was closed and we just had to content ourselves with the outside beauty. After we came out of the temple of church, though our minds were ready to see few more places, our bodies just gave up. It was really hard to even make it back to the hotel!

It was day well spent! but I would not recommend coverng everything in one day, as it gets too hectic and secondly you do not get the museums to the fullest!

Well until we see San Diego next time...this would have to do.

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